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Muse Wembley Stadium Saturday 16th June 2007

Muse Wembley Stadium Saturday 16th June 2007
museThis was the first time we saw Muse and the first rock concert at the new Wembley Stadium. Up until this point Muse were pretty unfamiliar to me, but friends had told me how good they were in concert, so I bought tickets as soon as they went on sale, which was the previous December. The concert sold out on the first day and a second show was added. Marie, David and Laura all came to the gig. Support came from The Streets, Dirty Pretty Things, and Rodrigo y Gabriela.
We travelled to London by train and stayed in a Hotel in Wembley, walking distance from the stadium. The support bands were OK, although they suffered from poor sound, as is often the case at large open air gigs. Rodrigo y Gabriela were very different to anything I was expecting, full of acoustic latin rhythms, and The Streets got the crowd going and in the mood for the main act. Nothing could have prepared us for just how amazing Muse were that day. It was one of those gigs where everything just came right. The sound was excellent, the band played a first class set, the stage set was incredible and the crowd were with Muse as soon from the moment that they walked on to the stage.
The band appeared up high, on a large rising platform, accompanied by smoke and confetti. They then walked through the centre of the crowd on a raised walkway, surrounded by men in yellow radio-active suits and hazard masks. They started with Knights of Cydonia, and the whole place erupted; 100,000 people jumping up and down and singing along as one. And the atmosphere stayed like that for the next two hours. Laura still says it is the best big show she has experienced. We have seen Muse twice more since then, once at Glastonbury and once in Manchester, which I have already blogged on.
Setlist: Knights of Cydonia; Hysteria; Supermassive Black Hole; Map of the Problematique; City of Delusion; Butterflies & Hurricanes; Citizen Erased; Hoodoo; Feeling Good; Sunburn; Invincible; Starlight; Man of Mystery; Time Is Running Out; New Born. Encore: Soldier’s Poem; Unintended; Blackout; Plug In Baby. Encore 2: Micro Cuts; Stockholm Syndrome; Take a Bow