The Only Ones Redcar Coatham Bowl 15th October 1978

The Only Ones Redcar Coatham Bowl 15th October 1978
onlyonesI’ve just played “Another Girl, Another Planet” to remind myself how great The Only Ones were. The Only Ones were led by singer and guitarist Peter Perrett along with guitarist John Perry, drummer Mike Kellie (ex-Spooky Tooth) and bassist Alan Mair. I saw the band twice, at this great gig at Redcar Coatham Bowl and at Newcastle City Hall, as support for Television. The Only Ones were a strange and unique mix of punk and psych, with Perrett looking (a little) and sounding (a lot) like Syd Barrett. Their best known song “Another Girl, Another Planet” even has the line “I look ill, but I don’t care about it” which just about summed it up. Peter Perrett went on to develop a well-publicised drug habit, and disappeared from the public eye for many years. In recent years The Only Ones have reformed, and have been playing concerts again.

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  1. Posted by Mitch on January 3, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    Another Girl Another Planet should have been a massive hit single – a great song!

    I unfortunately missed the Redcar gig but I was at the Television/Only Ones Newcastle City Hall concert on 10th April 1978.
    I also saw The Only Ones headlining at Durham Dunelm on 13th March 1979 on their Even Serpents Shine tour.

    I remember buying their debut single Lovers Of Today in 1977 at Listen Ear Records – this was a great shop for punk singles near to the City Hall.

    The Television gig will no doubt be mentioned again when you reach ‘T’ but I’ll leave The Only Ones set list for this concert here if that’s OK? There was no encore.

    Creature Of Doom, The Immortal Story, The Whole Of The Law, Another Girl Another Planet, Language Problem, Lovers Of Today, No Peace For The Wicked, Oh No, The Beast, Peter And The Pets, City Of Fun.


  2. Posted by John on May 17, 2015 at 1:43 pm

    Hello, Can any remember the date of the Only Ones gig at The Canteen (Newcastle Uni) in October 1978, possibly a Friday? Thanks


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