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Rod Stewart Ibrox Stadium Glasgow 18th June 1983

rodprog83It had been 7 years since I last saw Rod; far too long. I drove up to Glasgow with a group of mates for this concert. Baby Jane had been a big hit, and I saw it as a return to rock’n’roll for Rod. We had a drink in a proper spit and sawdust pub (I think it actually did have spittoons on a concrete floor covered in sawdust). Think it was called The Ibrox? I remember I asked for a half of lager (I was driving and that was all I was going to have to drink) and the barman told me in his strong Glaswegian accent “We dinna sell halves of lager in here”. Support came from disgraced rocker Gary Glitter who was having a little bit of a comeback at the time. From Everything2: “1982 and 1983 were spent by Glitter touring universities with his show. This appealed to Glitter as the people at university at this time were the teenagers who bought his records at the peak of his success. This success was followed by Glitter being asked to appear as a guest by his friend Rod Stewart in 1983 at his concert at Ibrox Park in Glasgow. Glitter jumped at this and appeared in front of an audience of 20,000 people [note. I am sure there were more than 20,000 people there, I would have said more like 50,000?] which was many more than he was used to at this time. At the beginning of his set, Glitter had a mixed reaction from the audience, but his unique style of working the crowd had them crying out for more by the time he had finished, so much that Stewart had to put in a very good performance to compete.”
The rest of the bill consisted of JoBoxers, who grew out of Subway Sect and had a hit with Boxer Beat and Scottish band Passionate Friends: “in the summer of 1983, following a series of gigs around the country, the band were brought to the attention of Harvey Goldsmith. Harvey was promoting the Rod Stewart gig at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow, and invited the boys to play support to Rod, Gary Glitter, and Jo Boxers.” (Wikipedia) rodtix83There was a great atmosphere at the gig, lots of Scottish flags, and a very warm welcome for Rod from his adopted home crowd. Rod had by now moved fully into rock/pop hero mode, and the set reflected his late 70s and early 80s solo work, with very little from the Faces days or his early solo outings. Favourites of mine were always “I’m Losing You”, “Mandolin Wind” and “Reason to Believe”, none of which featured in Rod’s seat at the time, although he did sing the excellent “Gasoline Alley” and finish with a rocking version of “Stay With Me”. An excellent concert, with the now traditional footballs being booted out into the stadium and onto the Ibrox turf.
Setlist: Tonight I’m Yours (Don’t Hurt Me); Sweet Little Rock & Roller; Dancin’ Alone; Tonight’s the Night (Gonna Be Alright); Passion; She Won’t Dance With Me; Little Queenie; Jimmy Z Blues; Sweet Surrender; I Don’t Want to Talk About It; You’re in My Heart (The Final Acclaim); Baby Jane; Young Turks; What Am I Gonna Do (I’m So in Love With You); Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?; Gasoline Alley; Maggie May; Sailing; Hot Legs; Baby Jane (Reprise); Stay With Me

Sandie Shaw Newcastle University 20th June 1986

Sandie Shaw Newcastle University 20th June 1986
sandiestixI grew up listening to Sandie Shaw. “Alway Something There To Remind Me”, “Girl Don’t Come”, “Long Live Love”, “I’ll Stop At Nothing”: all classic pop songs. I even admit that as a 10 year old I watched her win the Eurovision Song Contest with “Puppet On A String”. But I thought I’d never get the chance to see her live. However, come the mid 80s Sandie Shaw was back in the public eye, and back in the charts, thanks to The Smiths and her cover of “Hand in Glove”. She went out on tour and I was lucky enough to catch her when she played Newcastle University in 1986. Backing Sandie were members of the JoBoxers (remember “Boxer Beat”?). What can I say. She looked great. I think she wore a leather cap and leather hot pants. Wow. She sang some of the old hits, along with some of her mid 80s material including “Hand in Glove” and her ode to Morrissey “Steven (You Don’t Eat Meat)” 🙂 Her voice was great. We were right down the front straight in front of her.image A dream come true. Support came from Scottish rock/soul/funk band Love and Money, and local heroes Martin Stephenson and the Daintees.
This setlist is from Sandie Shaw’s gig at Manchester Hacienda a few days later; I would guess her set at Newcastle will have been similar to this: Hand in Glove; Always Something There to Remind Me; I Don’t Owe You Anything; Long Live Love; Message Understood; Steven (You Don’t Eat Meat); I’ll Stop at Nothing; Go Johnny Go!; Anyone Who Had a Heart; Frederick; A Girl Called Johnny; Girl Don’t Come; Are You Ready to Be Heartbroken. Encore: Jeane; Hand in Glove.
My favourite Sandie Shaw song is “Tomorrow”. Not sure if she is a guilty pleasure. I would argue not.