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“Tommy” with special Guest Roger Daltrey Whitley Bay Film Festival 1st August 2015

The Whitley Bay Film Festival presents “Tommy with special guest Roger Daltrey”
tommytixSo Tommy, or rather Roger, came to Whitley Bay, the past home of many pinball arcades. And he watched the great 1975 movie with us. The Whitley Bay Film festival kicked off it’s sixth year of movie, culture, music and arts events with a very special 40th anniversary screening of Ken Russell’s and The Who’s classic film, Tommy.  Roger Daltrey was in attendance for a conversation with music historian Chris Phipps and a question and answer session with the audience. The evening was introduced by festival patron Ian La Frenais.
whitleybayfilmfestivalTommy is a dark, crazy, OTT ride through 1970s culture. It features a star cast of acting and musical royalty including Oliver Reed, Jack Nicholson, Elton John and The Who themselves to name but a few.  The music is, of course, based on a reworking of the Who’s classic 1969 rock opera. I went along with Norm, and the two enjoyed the joys of the film all over again. We both saw the film when it was first released, but neither of us had seen it since then. I was surprise how current it seemed; its larger than life characters and images, iconography, pastiche reminding me to some extent of recent movies such as Moulin Rouge.
Leading up to the main film event, the festival team held a month long pinball tournament, which ran throughout July, and culminated in the final held in the foyer, immediately prior to the film screening. Our pinball champion was Matt Morrison of Whitley Bay, who was presented with his award by Roger Daltrey. After the movie we were all treated to a question and answer session with Roger, sat next to a lovingly restored pinball machine, and who admitted: “I’m the worst pinball player in the world.” Roger was introduced festival patron, comedy writer Ian La Frenais, originally from Whitley Bay and whose work with writing partner Dick Clement includes The Likely Lads and Auf Wiedersehen, Pet. Ian told us: “I had my first snog in this building”. Roger told several stories of the making of the film including how he was the target of a fire hose which left him “black and blue”, thrown in a cold bath and laid on an ironing board while Cousin Kevin tortured him. He also admitted “Ann Margaret was supposed to be my mother, but that was a tough acting job on my part.” A unique night and an opportunity to see a hero up close.
“That deaf, dumb and blind kid, Sure plays a mean pinball!” (Townshend, 1969).

Roger Daltrey plays Tommy The Sage Gateshead 4 July 2011

Roger Daltrey plays Tommy The Sage Gateshead 4 July 2011
Tommy was one of the first albums I ever bought. I can picture myself in Binns record store looking through the album sleeves. I remember choosing between The Crazy World of Arthur Brown lp and Tommy, and taking the Who album home and playing on my uncles radiogram.
I wasn’t too sure how this was going to be. I’ve seen a couple of Who shows over the last few years where Roger’s voice hasn’t been too good, so I must admit I had doubts about how he would cope with a full Tommy show. I needn’t have worried. This was so much better that I hoped for. There were a few times when I wondered if Roger’s voice would hold out, but it seemed to get stronger as the night went on. Roger was clearly enjoying himself and has assembled an excellent band who truly do justice to the Who’s rock opera. Simon Townsend (Pete’s brother) is a great sideman for Roger, and at times sounds (and looks) like his elder brother.
This was a marathon two and a half hour show, with Roger going on to play some great Who tunes. Not sure when I last saw the Who play Pictures of Lilly or I Can See for Miles (my favourite Who song), but its certainly a long time ago and it was great to see and hear them played again. Simon took vocals for Going Mobile and did a great job of it. A great night. I could go and see him again tomorrow and wouldn’t be bored. Made me realise just how great the Who were, and how much they still mean to me. Hope Pete returns and I get to see The Who again one day.
Set list (Tommy): Overture; It’s a Boy; 1921; Amazing Journey; Sparks; Eyesight to the Blind; Christmas; Cousin Kevin; The Acid Queen; Underture; Do You Think It’s Alright; Fiddle About; Pinball Wizard; There’s A Doctor; Go to The Mirror; Tommy Can You Hear Me; Smash The Mirror; Sensation; Miracle Cure; Sally Simpson; I’m Free; Welcome; Tommy’s Holiday Camp; We’re Not Gonna Take It
Who classics and others: Who Are You; Pictures of Lily; Tattoo; I Can See for Miles; Behind Blue Eyes; Real Good Looking Boy; Days Of Light; Going Mobile; Young Man Blues; Baba O’Riley; Red Blue Grey


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