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Soft Cell Kirklevington 1982 Marc Almond Newcastle Mayfair 1985

Soft Cell Kirklevington Country Club 1982 and Marc Almond Newcastle Mayfair 1985
The Kirk was a legendary venue on North Yorkshire which played host to Jimi Hendrix, Clapton, Joe Cocker and many other bands in the late 60s. By the early 80s it was a very trendy night club. I went a couple of times, once to see Soft Cell and another to see Geno Washington. The Soft Cell gig was great, coming not long after their number one hit with Tainted Love. The gig was sold out, but I went down with a couple of mates, and managed to blag our way in, can’t quite remember how. The place was ram packed and Soft Cell were great. They had just released Say Hello Wave Goodbye. Their set was short, but spot on, great atmosphere, and Marc Almond was every bit a star. I remember manager Stevo standing in the crowd, watching his proteges from the dancefloor. A very special night. The next time I saw March was at Newcastle Mayfair. By now he had gone solo, was dressed heavily in leather and very much the melodramatic torch singer. Impressive stuff.