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Punishment of Luxury, Buzz and The Period Dunelm House Durham 14th January 1978

puniluxIn writing this blog, I can usually remember something of each gig. However, I am defeated by this one. This is one gig of which I have no memories at all of even being there. I can remember going to many gigs at Dunelm House, the home of Durham University Students’ Union, throughout the ’70s; but this one just doesn’t ring any bells at all. I have two ticket stubs (which are conveniently opposite halves and I have put together to form one in the picture here) so I must have attended and Marie must have come along with me. I do, of course, recall seeing the excellent Punishment of Luxury several times in 1978 including a packed gig at Newcastle University Canteen, and supporting local punk heroes Penetration at the City Hall. Punishment of Luxury (or Punilux as they were often called) were quite quirky and unique in their approach. Although their music undoubtedly grew out of punk, their spiky staccato art-rock had much more depth to it, and their performances were very theatrical (they had previously been members of a local theatre group) strange and in some ways scary, with use of masks and dance, lead by front men Brian Bond on vocals and Neville Luxury on guitar. They released the single “Puppet Life” in Summer 1978, and had some significant success, gigging around the UK, and becoming a favourite of John Peel. This gig at Dunelm house came quite early in their career, before they had released any recorded material, and was probably one of the first times I saw them. I googled and found that Buzz and The Period were local punk bands of the time; I’m not sure what O.H.C. was, or what the benefit gig was for. Hope someone can enlighten me 🙂