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Willie Nelson Manchester Apollo

Willie Nelson Manchester Apollo May 11

Support Act : james Hunter

I had promised myself for some time that I would go and see Willie Nelson. In fact I’d had tickets for a show at Manchester Apollo a couple of years ago but couldn’t make it in the end and had to sell the tickets, which was very frustrating as the tickets were for the front row. This time we had seats about 5 rows back and I persuaded Laura to go along with me to see Willie.

The Manchester Apollo is a lovely old theatre and is sold out tonight. Listening to some of the fans sitting around us; everyone seems to be a seasoned Willie fan; a couple to our right talk about how they have been to all of his UK shows for the last few tours.

First up was James Hunter, who plays his own blend of American style R&B. His style is reminiscent of the 50s, but also pretty individual. He plays some pretty cool guitar and had some great moves. We hadn’t heard of him before, but have heard him played quite a lot on the radio since. He really is very good. Do go and catch him if you get the chance.

After a short interval, the guy that we have all come to see comes on. I am as much attracted by the legend of Willie Nelson as by his music; never been a great country fan; but this guy intrigues me. He looks well and his voice sounds good; he’s still playing the same battered old guitar that I’ve seen in so many photos; it even has quite a large hole in it. All the old favourites are sung; Crazy; Always on my Mind; Me and Bobby McGee, Georgia on my MInd, Help me make it through the night. He changes his red bandanna several times and throws each one into the audience; we don’t manage to catch one. Pretty good overall; although Laura isn’t impressed, and declares that she prefers James Hunter.


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the programme

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my ticket

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