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Mick Abrahams Sunderland 1977

Quite a nice looking ticket for this gig, and an intriguing event. This was a guitar demonstration by Mick Abrahams ex-Jethro Tull; billed as “Top London Session Man”. The event was organised by White Sound equipment who were a local guitar shop run by a guy called Bill White. Entry was free, and the idea was that it would promote the shop and Yamaha guitars. The gig was held upstairs in the Barnes hotel, and Mick played a number of guitars, trading some pretty neat licks. I recall a few gigs of this nature in the 70s, one at Newcastle Guildhall with the great Big Jim Sullivan playing guitar, and another at Middlesbrough Town Hall with Rod Argent demonstrating electric pianos and keyboards. They don’t seem to have such events these days. Mick Abrahams hasn’t been too well lately and is having a rest from gigging. Hope he’s well and able to gig again soon.