The End

The End
the-endWell I’ve done it. I started this project sometime in 2009; blogging sporadically when I went to see a band. At the end of 2011, I decided to cover all of the concerts I have attended , and started blogging every day on 1st January 2012, using my ticket stubs and programmes as a guide. I then worked through each band/act (roughly) alphabetically; I finally got to the letter “Z” a week or so ago.
Over the years I’ve written about many great bands from different genres; ranging from ABBA to Z Z Top, covering Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, the Who, Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones along the way. In total I have written 1,387 posts about 1,352 bands or acts. During the year 2014, my blog was viewed 94,488 times by 44,627 visitors; each visitor averaging 2.12 views. My top 25 bands (the ones I have written about, and hence seen, the most) are: Status Quo, The Who, Yes, Genesis, Lindisfarne, The Groundhogs, Wishbone Ash, Hawkwind, Uriah Heep, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Jethro Tull, Elton John, Roy Harper, Thin Lizzy, Slade, Deep Purple, Penetration, Rod Stewart (including The Faces), Rory Gallagher, Roxy Music, Queen, The Hollies and U2.
Looking back I realise that my early posts are not as well presented, nor as detailed as the more recent ones. I have definitely got better at doing this over the years. There are also many inconsistencies (which now annoy me; but there you go … I should have planned and designed this project more carefully at the outset). I wish I had been more precise and consistent in the categorisation of bands and the way that I have recorded dates, venues, ticket prices, setlists etc. Some times I have included more than one concert in a post; depending on my interest in the band, or how important I think they are. For “major” artists like The Stones, The Who and Dylan, I have written about every single concert I attended. So in the case of The Stones the blog statistics tell me I have seen them 17 times, and likewise the statistics say that I have seen The Who 22 times. Actually, however, there are some duplicate posts (e.g. I have written a post on the Who at Live Aid, and then also written a separate post on the Live Aid event itself, which also mentions the Who). I think I have actually seen The Who 19 times and the Stones 12 or 13 times. The blog tells me that I have seen Status Quo 31 times, and the total is actually close to 50; I combined some concerts because there were so many. Sadly, this makes it difficult to use the blog as any sort of database of concerts, or to get any precise measures out of it. One day I may go back and try to recategorise things, to make it all consistent, but that would be a big job. For now, to be honest I’ve become a little tired of doing it, and I am looking forward to a little rest from my blogging activities.
Many thanks to all of you who have followed me and encouraged me on this journey. Thanks to those who commented along the way; particularly Mitch and Neil, Jeff, Dawn, Hockey and Tony. Thanks to Mitch for sending me many great images from some of the concerts, and providing setlists. Thanks to John for reminding me of some of the gigs we went to many years ago, and for providing insights into rock’n’roll in the USA. Thanks to Norm and Will for having better memories than me and keeping me right about some of the gigs. Its frightening how poor my memory is becoming. Thanks to Doug for help on Jethro Tull and to Ian, Dave, Terry, Pete, Gilly and all the other people who came to see bands with me over the years. Still some bands out there to see. And thanks to Marie, Ashleigh, David and Laura for coming on family outings to concerts over the years. Oh, and thanks to WordPress for providing a great platform on which to do this. And apologies if I have forgotten to mention anyone; my memory really is going ….
I’ve enjoyed writing about the concerts. It has forced me to try to remember the details. Where there was a gap (and there often was), the internet has been amazing in helping me find reviews, setlists and line-ups of the time. Sometimes I had to guess things; often I got things wrong. The exercise has reminded me of some great concert experiences, and allowed me to create a record which I can refer to, and remind myself of happy happy days and great bands. I’m not even going to try to think about which was the best concert, or the best band. They have been so many great experiences 🙂
I am now going to spend some time thinking of what to do with this blog, now that it is finished. I did think of converting it into a book, but I’m not sure that would work. What I would like to do is to use it as the basis of a lecture course on the history of rock music, or more precisely perhaps, the history of rock performance. I’m going to spend a little time thinking about how I might pursue that particular avenue.
I will of course, continue to blog as and when I go to concerts. So this isn’t really the end, just another chapter to the blog.
Thanks again. Time for a rest, at least for a few days …

30 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by programmusic on April 5, 2015 at 8:23 am

    well done mate – epic work! I’ve enjoyed reading your daily posts particulalry those where I was at the gig too. I shall miss yopur daily ramblings on music. Cheers Pete


  2. Posted by Martin63 on April 5, 2015 at 8:33 am

    It’s been great reading – thank you!!!


  3. Posted by Mitch on April 5, 2015 at 9:10 am

    Well done Peter. A fantastic achievement.

    I first came across your website after I had been to see The Groundhogs at an outdoor Blues Festival at Barnard Castle in 2011 and read your review the following day. But it wasn’t until early 2013 that I realised you were writing your concert memories on a daily basis and I have been an avid reader ever since.

    I will certainly miss my morning ritual of reading your ramblings and adding the odd comment. This has been a great project. Congratulations – you deserve a rest.



  4. Fantastic achievement, congratulations. Your posts bring so many great memories flooding back and bring my early adulthood back to life. Huge thanks …


  5. Posted by David henderson on April 5, 2015 at 9:42 am

    Thanks for creating the blog Peter – it brought back some great memories and allowed people to share their recollections of concerts and events. Excellent job which was well done.


  6. Posted by Peter on April 5, 2015 at 10:13 am

    only found your blog last year through a sweet post, subscribed and have enjoyed the daily band post. Some of them great memoires especially the ones of the city hall when i lived up there for five years. Big thanks ans will wait to see you do next?


  7. Posted by Alan Conner on April 5, 2015 at 10:46 am

    I’ve looked forward to receiving your email every day, it’s helped me to remember concerts I’ve been to and I’ve enjoyed your writing. You’ve seen some great artists at their best and hopefully you’ll see many more to write about in the future, there’s some great new bands coming through. Thanks for the memories.


  8. Posted by Neil Thompson on April 5, 2015 at 12:41 pm

    Congratulations on a brilliant project, Peter. Thanks for your kind comments over the last couple of years. My daily routine of checking Youtube first, my emails second, and vintagerock third will never be the same now!


  9. Congratulations Peter on completing this amazing project. Thanks particularly for the memories of many gigs I went to in the north east in the 1970s. Good luck with whatever you decide to do in the future.


  10. I only found your fascinating blog today. You were going to gigs when I was just a bairn, so it’s really interesting to read such detailed accounts of what was happening in, around, during and after. Thanks for taking the time to compile such a great archive.


  11. Posted by Hockey on April 6, 2015 at 11:25 am

    Well done Peter, To add to all the other lovely comments as above, huge congratulations and even bigger Thanks for sharing your fantastic memories and experiences. I too shall miss the daily updates by email subscription. I will try and continue with my own project that I abandoned on a Tumblr blog a few years ago as I needed to prepare better with scanned tickets flyers and some of my own photos in recent years, although I have written the reviews already starting in 1975 to present. I originally planned to write a book based on having read a book by and about AC/DC fans ‘Get Your Jumbo Jet Out of My Airport’, but I was encouraged to start a blog instead, so if you do decide to write a book, I’d be first to order a copy. I too find it difficult to have a favourite or best gig but Pink Floyd 1994 at Earls Court would be hard to beat, followed closely by Rush’s Time Machine tour and Roger Waters recent presentation of The Wall. Having said that I know that next week I’m going to a couple of Robin Trower gigs in York and Holmfirth, and on the night it will also be fantastic. I’m sure our paths must have crossed more than once when you have been to some Manchester shows, and Reading/Knebworth festivals. I only ever went to to the north east once to see Steve Vai at Newcastle City Hall in October 1993 as it was the nearest show to home in west Yorkshire. Hope you continue with more excellent gigs and occasional blogs, and look forward to reading about them, happy days! best wishes Michael.


    • Posted by vintagerock on April 6, 2015 at 12:22 pm

      Many thanks Michael
      Thanks for all your support and encouragement, and good luck with your own project.
      Happy days indeed.
      I don’t intend to stop seeing bands now and will continue as long as I am able to do so. So expect more blogs in the future
      Cheers Peter


  12. Posted by David Meadows on April 7, 2015 at 8:11 am

    Congratulations on the achievement, and on sticking with it daily (which is amazing — few Internet projects are so consistent).

    I came to the blog late, but I intend to dip back into the history. Your posts are always interesting and informative too.

    Here’s to your next thousand concerts 🙂 Maybe I’ll even run in to you at a rock gig around Newcastle one of these days.


  13. Thanks for all the hard work! A lot of memories triggered in this addled brain. Regards Thom.


  14. Well done Peter, a great achievement and I’ll miss your reminiscences of gigs long gone. But look forward to hearing about more recent concerts.


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