Alan Hull Newcastle City Hall 1977: “Jimmy Carter for the Whitehouse; Alan Hull for the City Hall”

Alan Hull Newcastle City Hall 1977
alanhulltix This gig took place while Lindisfarne were taking a break as a band, and had officially split, although a reunion Christmas concert took place in 1976. The gig was promoted by Lindisfarne promoter Barry McKay and was heavily promoted around the town with a set of posters proclaiming: “Jimmy Carter for the Whitehouse; Alan Hull for the City Hall”. The bill comprised Alan with his new band the Radiators, Harcourt’s Heroes featuring Ray Jackson and Charlie Harcourt, and Hutch who worked with David Bowie in the 60s as one of his closest sidemen, and part of his early bands the Buzz, and the Hype. He was also a member of the Spiders from Mars at one point. alanhullprog The City Hall was packed and there was a great buzz about this concert. Alan had released two solo albums: Pipe Dream and Squire, and the set was drawn largely from them. Hutch was first up, performing solo with an acoustic guitar playing a mix of folk and country tinged songs. Then Harcourt’s Heroes with Jacka took to the stage. I don’t recall much about their set to be honest. Alan was great. The first half of the set was acoustic before he introduced the band which featured Kenny Craddock-Keyboards; Peter Kirtley-Guitars; John Ashcroft-Keyboards; Colin Gibson-Bass; Ray Laidlaw-Drums; and Terry Popple-Drums. The setlist was: Breakfast; United States Of Mind; Money Game; January Song; Lady Eleanor; One More Bottle Of Wine; A Walk In The Sea; Winter Song; Corporation Rock; Madmen And Loonies; Love Is The Alibi; Love Is The Answer; Band Introduction; I Wish You Well; Make Me Want To Stay; Somewhere Out There; Dancing On The Judgement Day; Anywhere Is Everywhere; Fog On The Tyne. Winter Song is one of my favourite songs of all time; just beautiful. A great gig.

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