Peter Gabriel Newcastle City Hall 1977

Peter Gabriel Newcastle City Hall 1977
gabrieltix77 I’ve enjoyed blogging about Genesis for the past week or so, and reliving my memories of that great band in concert. It is fitting to now move on to a few days of memories of Peter Gabriel in concert. It was a big shock when Peter left Genesis and none of us knew what to expect from him. We bought his first solo album when it was released and were delighted when he announced a solo tour. A few friends and I bought tickets and we were really looking forward to the gig. We weren’t quite sure what we were going to see or hear. How theatrical would it be? Would he play any old Genesis songs? I was certainly hoping to hear The Musical Box or maybe The Knife, but I guess deep down I knew he wasn’t really going to play those songs. It was clear from what we had read in the music papers that Peter Gabriel saw his solo career as a complete new start. Peter’s first solo album is a collection of great songs, and contains a lot of very strong tracks such as the creepy Moribund the Burgermeister; the single Solsbury Hill; Humdrum; and Here Comes the Flood; all of which he played in concert that year. We’d listened to the album to prepare ourselves for the gig. The rocky Modern Love had just been released as as single prior to the tour. gabrieprog77 Peter played two sold out gigs at the City Hall in 1977, supported by Nona Hendryx from the trio Labelle, who had a hit with Lady Marmalade. For the tour the band were Peter Gabriel (vocals, keyboards, flute, recorder); Sid McGinnis (guitar); Bayete (keyboards); Tony Levin (stick bass); and Jerry Marotta (drums). The show was quite theatrical, but not to the grandiose excesses that Peter had reached in Genesis. This was a much more subtle, restrained theatricality. At one point Peter disappeared from stage to reappear at the back of the hall, working his way back to the front through the audience, dressed in a white karate-like getup. My mate Norm was photographed with his arm around Peter as he passed by. There was a barber’s shop quartet for Excuse Me, and covers of I Heard It Through the Grapevine and All Day and All of the Night. The only reference to Genesis was the last song which was Back in N.Y.C. from the Lamb album. A great gig; quite different from Genesis. We all went home very impressed. Setlist: Slowburn; Moribund the Burgermeister; Modern Love; Indigo; Humdrum; White Shadow; I Heard It Through the Grapevine; Excuse Me; Waiting for the Big One; Solsbury Hill; Down the Dolce Vita; On the Air; All Day and All of the Night; Here Comes the Flood; Back in N.Y.C.

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  1. Thanks for bringing back my memory of the night. I was there. I do remember that when Peter walked on stage and sat at the grand piano nobody clapped, most of the audience didn’t realize that it was him. They thought he was a roadie checking the piano… I also remember everytime he ended a song some of the audience would cry out for Genesis songs… That said, Back in New York City was incredible. He stood on the grand piano and the hanging lampshades swung in time to the music.


  2. I was there too, but for which gig I cannot recall. I lost my ticket years ago, along with my badge and my programme. Great night.


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