Genesis Reunion 2007 Old Trafford Manchester

Genesis Reunion 2007 Old Trafford Manchester
genesistix2007 In 2007 the rumours finally became true and the Genesis reunion tour was confirmed. There had been a lot of speculation to suggest that Pete Gabriel would be joining the band, but sadly that wasn’t to be. However I was still very excited at the prospect of seeing the band again after all those years. I’d missed a couple of opportunities to see Genesis during the 90s. I’d planned to go to Knebworth in 1992 and to the Calling All Stations tour in 1998 but ultimately didn’t make either gig. So I was determined to see them, and bought tickets for the Old Trafford gig of the reunion tour. Marie came along and we stayed in a hotel right next to the stadium. genesisreunionprog The set was a mix of tracks from throughout their career, and I was pleased to see the inclusion of I Know What I Like. Setlist: Behind the Lines; Duke’s End; Turn It On Again; No Son of Mine; Land of Confusion; In the Cage; The Cinema Show; Duke’s Travels; Afterglow; Hold On My Heart; Home By The Sea; Second Home by the Sea; Follow You Follow Me; Firth of Fifth; I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe); Mama; Ripples…; Throwing It All Away; Domino; Los Endos; Tonight Tonight Tonight; Invisible Touch. Encore: I Can’t Dance; The Carpet Crawlers

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  1. I was at this one with the wife. Great stage set (features in the excellent ‘Live in Rome’ DVD) and, as you say, a wide mix of tracks which was a good representation of their career catalogue (except for CAS). Very enjoyable, I thought that Phil Collins really led the line well, although it would have been brilliant if Peter Gabriel had sang a couple of numbers.


  2. I was at this gig as well mate and was surprised by how good they were, as ever too heavy on the lesser 80’s material but it was a lovely touch I thought to close with Carpet Crawlers, which was the highlight for me. Only time I saw Genesis anywhere other than Newcastle City Hall, saw them in 73, 77, 80 and 92, the 73 gig was my first ever, I was 13! Always regret missing them at NCH in 75 doing the Lamb, have no idea all these years on why I didn’t!


  3. Posted by John Johnstone on June 22, 2020 at 2:21 pm

    The first time I saw Genesis was at the NCH when they did the Lamb (thanks to a new girlfriend buying the tickets). It was an amazing show, I’d never seen anything so theatrical before. I remember that the crowd would not let them go and they played the last encore (The Knife) with the lights on!


    • Posted by vintagerock on June 22, 2020 at 5:50 pm

      Hi John yes a great night which I remember well Happy Days the swirling organ at the start of The Knife still gives me goosebumps cheers Peter


    • The Lamb is my fav Genesis album so I’ve always regretted not seeing them on that tour, as I say I can’t quite remember why, though I do remember a mate who went telling me that it was great. I think I didn’t get to grips with the record until a little later, maybe that was it, I don’t know. Silly mistake though. I made sure I saw them when they came back to NCH a couple of years later on the last tour with Steve Hackett, then again in 1980 and 1992. As I say, my very first gig was Genesis at NCH in October 1973, around Selling England! Good memories


  4. Hope it’s a good one mate, kind of hung up my spurs as far as gigs are concerned, Metallica at Man City’s ground last year with son and his mates was my last one to date, it was great but at 59 then, 60 now, my stamina is seriously waning! Plus in all honesty I’ve seen everyone I wanted to see, at least those I had the opportunity to. I do however feel privileged to have been going to gigs during what I think was a golden era, all those nights at Newcastle City Hall in particular in the 70’s and 80’s will stay with me forever. Anyway, terrific blog mate, you’ve made an old rocker feel pleasantly nostalgic. Peace.


  5. I was at this gig, Id always wanted to see Genesis again, saw them first at the city hall in 1992, which was fantastic, they were massive but did a uk tour of smaller venues, they did an amazing medley of dance on a volcano/lamb/musical box, awesome, and at the Newcastle arena 1998 with ray Wilson singing, which was better than you might imagine but half full, they should have played the city hall! ;enjoyed this gig but was up in the gods and the sound wasn’t great, but enjoyed ripples, which was a surprise, lovely song, and carpet crawlers at the end was very beautiful, though still disappoints that they don’t-didnt do more early stuff, though I guess if you want that Steve Hackett’s band do a superb job.


    • Posted by vintagerock on January 20, 2023 at 10:06 am

      Hi Gavin yes Genesis, particularly the Gabriel era, were superb. You are right Steve Hackett keeps the flag flying. Best wishes Peter


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