Kylie The Fever tour Newcastle Arena 2002

Kylie The Fever tour Newcastle Arena 2002
kylie2002 Laura quite fancied seeing Kylie Minogue in concert, and I had “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” running around and around in my head. So off we went to Newcastle Arena for the first of two nights that the Fever tour played there. The Fever tour was Kylie’s biggest production to date, using multiple stage sets and costume changes. The tour programme was a rather plush affair with a glossy cover and it came in its own silver bag (see below), quite similar to the Madonna programme from a year or two earlier. The show was very disco and dance oriented, and was split into seven acts: ‘Silvanemesis’, ‘Droogie Nights’, ‘The Crying Game’, ‘Streetstyle’, ‘Sex In Venice’, ‘Cybertronica’ and ‘Voodoo Inferno’, and an encore, and is recorded for posterity on a DVD, which was filmed at Manchester Arena.
Act 1: Silvanemsis started the show with an excerpt of The Sound of Music. Kyle appeared out of the floor wearing a metallic suit. She then sang Come Into My World, with dancers coming down from the ceiling. Surrounded by the dancers, she sand Shocked, and then Love At First Sight, with the title track Fever ending the first act. Act 2: Droogie Nights was clearly influenced by A Clockwork Orange, starting with Ode to Joy from the film, and Kylie dressed in an outfit clearly inspired by the 1971 film A Clockwork Orange, singing Spinning Around. kylieprog Act 3: The Crying Game used the great Dave Berry hit The Crying Game to sandwich a number of Kylie songs: Where Is The Feeling?, Put Yourself in My Place, Finer Feelings, Dangerous Game and back to The Crying Game. Kylie was wearing a black gown with a long trail. Act 4: Streetstyle started with a dance interlude. Kylie then appeared as a police women to sing Confide In Me, Cowboy Style (including excerpts from The Real Slim Shady, Double Dutch, Double Dutch Bus and Buffalo Gals), and Kids. Act 5: Sex in Venice saw Kylie wearing a frilly mini-skirt to sing On A Night Like This, a swing version of Locomotion, with male dancers in fish-nets and stilettos. The act ended with a medley of In Your Eyes, Please Stay, Rhythm Of The Night in Latin style. Act 6: Cybertronica started with dancers performing a tap dance and batting with light sabres. Kylie then appeared dressed in a tank top and white shorts, and sang Limbo, Light Years, and I Should Be So Lucky. The final act, Act 7: Voodoo Inferno featured lots of fire, dancers with red mohican haircuts and Kylie singing Burning Up, and Better the Devil You Know. The encore was (of course) Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.
A very spectacular show, which Laura and I both enjoyed.

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