The Jam Newcastle City Hall 1979

The Jam Newcastle City Hall 1979
jamtixmay79 The Jam called at the City Hall twice in 1979, once in May, and again in December. Both gigs were glorious occasions. By now Paul Weller was developing as a songwriter, and the concert set was changing all the time. Live favourites of mine were David Watts, Billy Hunt, the wonderful Away From the Numbers, all the singles, and Smithers-Jones. Their cover of Batman still appeared now and then and was always good fun. The beautiful Butterfly Collector was also part of the set by late 1979, and remains a favourite to this day. jamtixdec79 Paul Weller was just on fire at these gigs, spitting and snarling the vocals, with Bruce Foxton bopping about alongside him, and Rick Buckler smashing away at the back.
Setlist from London Rainbow Theatre show of the December 1979 tour: Girl on the Phone; To Be Someone (Didn’t We Have a Nice Time); It’s Too Bad; Burning Sky; Away From the Numbers; Smithers-Jones; The Modern World; Mr Clean; The Butterfly Collector; Private Hell; Thick as Thieves; When You’re Young; Strange Town; The Eton Rifles; Down in the Tube Station at Midnight; Saturday’s Kids; All Mod Cons; David Watts
jamprog79 Support for the December tour came from The Vapors who were to hit the charts with Turning Japanese. The programme for the Spring Tour 1979 has some smashing period advertisements. I am invited to buy Jam Shoes from Shelly’s of London. The come in “all colours”: white and platted, black and platted, black and white, red and white, red and beige, etc. Just send £12.99 plus £1 postage. Jam Jackets in plain colours (£35) and Union Jack (£55), from Carnaby Cavern Ltd (we supply The Jam, The Four Tops, so why not you?). “Mod” Parka, genuine american fishtail parka as word in the 60s, US Army surplus, not new but in good condition, only £12.50, from ACME Clothing Co. Wow! What a wardrobe. I wonder if I send my cheque off now I can still buy these. They would sure look great to wear the next time I see The Who or Paul Weller 🙂 !

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