The Jam Newcastle City Hall 1980 and 1982

The Jam Newcastle City Hall 1980 and 1982
jamtix80 The Jam were back at the City Hall in 1980 and 1982, playing a couple of nights each time. Support for the 1980 concert was The Piranhas who hit the charts with their cover of Tom Hart. A bootleg exists for this concert which shows the setlist as: Thick As Thieves/Boy About Town/Monday/Going Underground/Pretty Green/Man In The Corner Shop/Set The House Ablaze/Private Hell/This Is The Modern World/Little Boy Soldiers/But I’m Different Now/Start!/Scrape Away/When You’re Young/The Eton Rifles jamtix82 Two years later and they were back again, this time supported by The Questions, who were signed to Paul Weller’s record label. They also wrote some songs for Weller protege Tracie Young (aka Tracie). jamprog80 The ticket also mentions a local support act, but I’m afraid I can’t remember who that was. By 1982 The Jam had released six albums, and had hit the charts many times, including three Number 1s. Town Called Malice was Number 1 in 1982, and the band were riding the crest of a wave. However Paul Weller was beginning to feel that this was the end of The Jam and the band was soon to disband. I would see The Jam, once more which I will write about tomorrow. Looking back this band left a legacy of great singles, and some great live performances.

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