The Jam 1977 and 1978

The Jam 1977 and 1978
jamtix78 When we think of late 70s punk rock, we have a certain image of safety pins, spitting, the pogo, and fast furious rebellious rock. In reality the punk scene was a pretty broad church, which drew from a wide range of influences. The Jam burst onto the scene in 1977, blending mod, sharp suits, with attitude, arrogance and great catchy pop songs. They had obviously been influenced by, soul, R&B, The Who and The Small Faces and you could tell that lead singer and guitarist Paul Weller was a big fan of Steve Marriott and Pete Townshend. I attended a few early Jam concerts in the North East, at Newcastle Mayfair and at Sunderland Seaburn Hall. These gigs were pretty wild affairs with Weller and the guys having to dodge a hail of glasses (and they were real glass in those days, not plastic) and waves of spit. The Seaburn Hall gig was particularly ferocious; it was attended by a group of skinheads (“We hate punks”) who were looking for trouble and there were several scuffles. The Jam set in those days drew from their first album, their early singles, and a nifty cover of the Batman them closed the show. They were a breath of fresh air and it was evident even at those early gigs, that this was a band that stood above the rest, and would ultimately transcend the punk movement. By 1978 The Jam had graduated to playing Newcastle City Hall, a venue that would be host to some great Jam gigs over the next few years. I also saw them headline the Friday night of the Reading festival in the same year. Sample Jam setlist from 1978: The Modern World; London Traffic; I Need You (For Someone); The Combine; Aunties & Aunts; Standards; Here Comes the Weekend; Sounds From the Street; News of the World; London Girl; In the Street, Today; Bricks and Mortar; In the City; In the Midnight Hour; Carnaby Street; All Around the World. I think support for this gig was Patrick Fitzgerald and The Dickies?

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