Iron Maiden Newcastle City Hall 1983

Iron Maiden Newcastle City Hall World Piece Tour 1983 ironmaidentic1983 1983 and Iron Maiden were now a well established and mega-successful rock band. They went out on tour again, in support of their new lp “Piece of Mind”. This was the first tour to feature drummer Nicko McBrain, who came from Trust (they had supported Maiden a couple of years before) to replace Clive Burr and has been Iron Maiden’s drummer ever since. Clive Burr left the band due to ill health and the pressure of relentless touring. Support came from Grand Prix. The tour called at Newcastle City Hall on 17th May 1983. This was another great gig with Maiden again delivering a top metal performance. maiden83 Setlist (a bootleg exists): Where Eagles Dare; Wrathchild; The Trooper; Revelations; Flight of Icarus; Die with Your Boots On; 22 Acacia Avenue; The Number of the Beast; Still Life; To Tame a Land; Phantom of the Opera; Hallowed Be Thy Name; Iron Maiden; Run to the Hills; Sanctuary; Drifter; Prowler. Eddie told us (from the programme): “To all ‘eadbangers, hell rats, rivet heads and earthdogs,….Welcome to the shattering World Piece Tour ’83….Maiden and me hope you enjoy the gig….Keep rockin’ and have fun.” By now Run to the Hills had replaced Runnin’ Free as my favourite Maiden song. Bruce’s soaring vocals were always exceptional on that song.

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