Iron Maiden Newcastle City Hall 1982 The Beast on the Road

Iron Maiden Newcastle City Hall 1982
Support came from the Rods, an American heavy rock band.
ironmaidentic1982 So it was farewell to Paul Di’Anno and welcome to Bruce Dickinson on vocals. Iron Maiden released their third album “Number of the Beast” and went out on another world tour. I went along to the City Hall wondering what the new singer would be like, and how he would match up. On the night, I was totally blown away. The place was packed and the Newcastle metal hordes went crazy and just lapped it all up. Maiden burst onto that stage with renewed energy and passion, a great set of new songs, and Bruce was simply a revelation. I’d seen him before with Samson, and hadn’t been over impressed to be honest. What I saw that night was a different guy, and a truly world class heavy rock singer. With Maiden he upped his game, to reveal an amazingly strong, operatic rock voice with tremendous depth and range. And great long hair. Put this together with a class performance by the whole band, a great stage set (complete with, of course, Eddie), lots and lots of VOLUME, and songs like “Number of the Beast”, and the single “Run to the Hills”, and what I saw that night was THE best hard rock band around at the time. Maiden had everything going for them, and they knew it and were enjoying it. In 1982 the Iron Maiden line-up was Bruce Dickinson (vocals), Dave Murray (guitar), Adrian Smith (guitar), Steve Harris (bass), and Clive Burr (drums). These were to be Clive Burr’s last appearances with the band. The tour took them to all the major concert halls in the UK. They recorded their show at the Hammersmith Odeon, and it was eventually released as Beast over Hammersmith in 2002. beast The new album was a massive success; their first to reach No. 1 in the UK chart, and the single “Run to the Hills” was the band’s first top-ten UK single. The content of the album was based on some pretty heavy visual and lyrical imagery, drawing from (as usual) horror, darkness and religion. From the title track: “Woe to you oh earth and sea; For the devil sends the beast with wrath; Because he knows that time is short; Let him who hath understanding reckon the number of the beast; For it is a human number; It’s number is six hundred and sixty six”. Pretty heavy stuff. Eddie says (from the tour programme): “If you find me drunk, prop me up: if you find me sober, buy me a drink!…Hope you have a great debauched time at the gig….Keep Rocking” đŸ™‚ Setlist: The Ides of March; Murders in the Rue Morgue; Wrathchild; Run to the Hills; Children of the Damned; The Number of the Beast; Another Life; Killers; 22 Acacia Avenue; Total Eclipse; Transylvania; The Prisoner; Hallowed Be Thy Name; Phantom of the Opera; Iron Maiden; Drifter; Sanctuary. And so the Maiden campaign for world domination rolled onward, as it has to this day. At the time I defy you to find a better, slicker, LOUDER, more complete rock band. This was probably the best time I saw Maiden; pure class.

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