Rory Gallagher Newcastle City Hall Dec 1978

Rory Gallagher Newcastle City Hall Dec 1978
rorydec78 Rory Gallagher tour relentlessly throughout the 70s. He would often return to Newcastle twice within the same year. In 1978 he played the City Hall in April, and he was back again in December. I never tired of seeing him, which was not the case with many other bands. During the late 1978 tour, which ran into 1979, Rory clocked up 100 concerts in 65 cities in 12 countries in 16 weeks. He was very much the working, gigging bluesman; out on the road playing his guitar to anyone who wanted to see him. Support for this gig came from Bram Tchaikovsky, who had recently left The Motors. Bram was, at the time, fronting his own post-punk powerpop band. roryprogdec78 This gig was at the height of punk, when many bands were re-examining themselves and their musical approach. Rory seemed untouched by all of that change around him, and did what he did best, turning up at a hall with his old trusty strat, a Vox AC30 or two, and belting out the blues for a couple of hours. This gig was to promote his latest album, which was Photo-Finish. Looking at my ticket I was pretty close to the front for this gig, with a direct view of the great man. These gigs were really something; I just wish Rory was still with us. Setlist (from a date in the USA on the same tour): Bought & Sold; Garbage Man; Secret Agent; A Million Miles Away; Shadow Play; Country Mile; Tattoo’d Lady; Sea Cruise; Bullfrog Blues.

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  1. Having seen Rory twice by now I elected not to go to this one as I wanted to go and see Here & Now at the the Uni on the same evening. We waited ages while the support band played the same bloody song over and over as a soundcheck before they eventually started their set (with the same song!!!)

    Eventually Here & Now came on and before they’d even played a note they were saying that they were going to have to cut the set short. I think they did about 5 or 6 songs before finishing. I remember someone was trying to induce paranoia by announcing that the Police were coming but as I didn’t see any reason to worry about this fact I hung around and bought their album Give and Take which some of the band signed. I also got my jacket signed!

    After I left it was still quite early so I wandered up to the City Hall thinking I’d meet up with my brother after the Rory Gallagher gig and we could get the train back together. As I passed the first door at the side of the hall it opened and two people came out. I spotted that there wasn’t a bouncer inside so I slipped in. To my amazement I was then able to get up the stairs and onto the balcony to where my brother was sitting without being stopped so I caught the end of Rory’s set anyway!


  2. Posted by jeffybabes on March 14, 2014 at 9:26 pm

    HI one of these dates was my first gig live that long ago i cant remember which ? luckily i also saw him at 1980 reading fest this is still with me.


    • Posted by vintagerock on March 15, 2014 at 4:51 pm

      Rory was the man. He was also one of the fist people I saw live, back in 1970 when he was with Taste. Sadly missed Peter


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