Rory Gallagher Newcastle City Hall April 1978

Rory Gallagher Newcastle City Hall April 1978
Support Joe O’Donnells Vision Band roryapril78 I was back at Newcastle City Hall to see Rory Gallagher again in April 1978. When I think of Rory, I think of his battered strat; a tartan shirt; total commitment to his music and to the audience in the hall; his hair flying about and by the end of the night sticking to his face with sweat. He would arrive quietly on stage, often without introduction and the place would just go crazy for him. This is the first time I got a programme at a Rory gig; I’m not sure if there were any for previous tours. From this programme: “When the gods were making guitar heroes they didn’t bother giving Rory Gallagher any greasepaint or give choreography with which to woo his fans. They knew to leave well alone: that being a guitarist who transcends mere technical pizzaz with a blazing, emotional style that not only brings the electric blues style into the Seventies, but leaves it reeling, would be more than enough. roryprogapril78 And there couldn’t be an unlikelier axe hero than the shiy Irish guitarist, who plays with a fire most musicians are able to muster only on “good nights”. You get the feeling that they’re all good nights for Rory, that the thrill of playing his battered Strat is renewed every time he straps it on.” Support came from Joe O’Donnell, the programme tells me “is one of the finest electric violin players performing in the Celtic tradition. He’s also widely acclaimed as a first-class mandolin-player, singer and composer.” Joe hails from Limerick, Ireland, won two scholarships for the Royal Irish Academy of Music, had played with East of Eden stepping into the shoes of their celebrated fiddle-player Dave Arbus. He was featured on their hit album Another Eden and was touring to support his album Gaodhal’s Vision, a concept album of his own compositions, “heralded as a fusion of Celtic music with jazz and rock.” Rory set List (from Glasgow gig of the tour): Secret Agent; Body and Soul; Moonchild; Bullfrog Blues; Going To My Hometown; Down on 31st Street; Souped Up Ford; Tattooed Lady; Brute Force and Ignorance; Cruise On Out. Encores: Let Me In; Messing With The Kid

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  1. This was probably the first good rock picture I ever took at this gig – I’d taken my Dad’s old Halina to the Eric Clapton gig but the results weren’t great so I tired again with Black and White film and this was the best shot from this night.


  2. Not sure if my attempt to insert the picture worked or not – if not here’s a link to it

    Rory Gallagher


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