Status Quo The Sage Gateshead 12 December 2012

Status Quo The Sage Gateshead 12 December 2012
quotix It’s Christmas time and Quo are on tour again. The tour concept is once again “QuoFestive” but unlike last year, the strong support acts (Bonnie Tyler, and Eddie and the Hot Rods) are limited to a few venues. Support at the Sage Gateshead came from Bad Influence, who have been getting good reviews on the tour. I was feeling pretty ropey with a flu bug, so turned up late, just in time for the Mighty Quo, and missed the support. This year has seen some changes to the set, with Marguerita Time in, alongside Living on an Island; both songs bringing a respite from the high energy rock pace of the rest of the set. The Sage was sold out, and the crowd in good spirits, although a little reserved compared to some of the gigs I have attended at the City Hall. Maybe that was down to the venue which Francis deemed as being “posh”. quoprog Rick has a new short haircut, looks fit and is, as always, the relentless rhythm guitar machine. Francis is as cheeky as ever, and on good form, Good gig, if pretty standard. Roll on next March and the Frantic Four reunion tour. Setlist: Caroline; Paper Plane; Hold You Back; Rain; Mystery Song; Rock ‘n’ Roll ‘n’ You; Beginning of the End; What You’re Proposing / Wild Side Of Life / Railroad / Again And Again; Big Fat Mama; The Oriental; Creepin’ Up On You; Marguerita Time; Living on an Island; In the Army Now; Drum Solo / The Killer; Roll Over Lay Down; Down Down; Whatever You Want; Rockin’ All Over the World. Encore: Walking in a Winter Wonderland / Rocking Around The Christmas Tree / It’s Christmas Time; Burning Bridges

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