Franz Ferdinand Newcastle Arena 2005

Franz Ferdinand Newcastle Arena 2005
Support from Editors. granz Franz Ferdinand were everywhere in 2004 and 2005. The single The Dark of the Matinée made a particular impression and their sharp, quirky tunes, very reminiscent of early Roxy Music and quite arty, suggested that they would be an attractive possibility to see in concert. David and Laura were also impressed by them, so along we went when their first arena tour called at Newcastle. Support came from Editors, who were quite dark with shades of Joy Division. The crowd were really up for Franz Ferdinand and the band put on an impressive show, including their hit singles and tracks from their first two albums. Setlist: This Boy; Come on Home; Do You Want To; Auf Achse; I’m Your Villain; The Dark of the Matinée; The Fallen; Walk Away; Eleanor Put Your Boots On; Take Me Out; Darts of Pleasure; You’re the Reason I’m Leaving; 40′; Michael. Encore: Jacqueline; Evil and a Heathen; Outsiders; This Fire

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