The Fall Newcastle Tyne Theatre 1980

The Fall Newcastle Tyne Theatre 1980
Support from Cabaret Voltaire, Clicks and Fleshfall I have only seen The Fall once. There I have admitted it. I fully realise that they are seen as a super cool band, Peel faves and one of the only remaining originals of the Manchester punk / post-punk days, but for some reason I have never got round to seeing them again; the one time that I did see them being over 30 years ago. I keep meaning to catch up with them, and I have an outstanding promise to David and Laura to take them to Fall gig, but each time they have been in the area something else has come up, and I guess they just haven’t been high enough on my list of priorities. Still, I am sure that it is something that I will put right some day soon, and that I will get along to see them again one day.
Anyway, back to this gig. It was a pretty full evening, with support from Cabaret Voltaire, Gary Chaplin’s (ex Penetration) Clicks and local band Flesh. The venue was the Tyne Theatre which had only recently reopened; this was the first time I attended a gig there, although I do remember my Dad taking me to see King Kong T the venue in the 60s when I was a kid, and the theatre was known as the Stoll cinema. I went with Marie and we found The Fall different, challenging, and interesting. It was around the time of At The Witch Trails and I remember them playing Totally Wired, which was the only song of theirs which I knew at the time.
As I say, this is another band who I must add to my list of Bands To See Again While I Can!

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  1. I’ve been of the opinion recently that I was sure I’d seen the Fall at some point but couldn’t remember when or where, so when I read this it set me off again. So today I found the book that I wrote all the gigs I went to down in and sure enough I saw them at Manchester Poly in 1982. Still don’t remember a thing about the gig though!!


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