Marianne Faithfull Kendal Arts Centre 2007

Marianne Faithfull Kendal Arts Centre 2007
marianne The first time I saw Marianne Faithfull was just over five years ago (long overdue) at a show at Kendal Arts Centre. Marianne’s performance in Kendal was the first night of a three-week Women’s Arts International Festival, which also featured performances by iconic female artists such as Patti Smith, Peggy Seeger, and Sandie Shaw. David and I drove across to this gig. It was not only the first time we had both seen Marianne in concert, it was also our first visit to the venue, which is housed in a lovely old building in the centre of town. marianneprog The gig was held in a small theatre, and we had great seats close to the front. Marianne was amazing. Her voice is now quite rough and gravelly but she sings with such passion. I remember her singing great versions of No Regrets (the Tom Rush song made famous by The Walker Brothers), Borken English, As Tears Go By and the great Something Better from the Stones Rock n Roll Circus. A setlist from around that time is given here: No Regrets; Guilt; Without Blame; Spike Driver Blues; No Child Of Mine; Marathon Kiss; All The Best; Ruler Of My Heart; Time Square; Something Better; Crazy Love; Vagabond Ways; Why D’ya Do It; Broken English; As Tears Go By; Don’t Forget Me

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