Wishbone Ash Newcastle City Hall 11th October 1978 “No Smoke Without Fire”

Wishbone Ash Newcastle City Hall 11th October 1978 “No Smoke Without Fire”
wishbonetix78No support act “Wishbone Ash will on stage 8.00pm”
It is 1978 and Wishbone Ash have returned, making the UK their home again. Early in the year they recorded their ninth studio album: “No Smoke Without Fire”. It was the heaviest Wishbone Ash album in many years, featuring the rocky single “You See Red” and the lengthy multi-part prog-rock epic “The Way of the World.” “No Smoke Without Fire” was released in October 1978. In the same month Wishbone Ash toured the UK to promote the new lp. The UK music papers and the charts were full of punk and new wave, but classic rock fans continued to support Wishbone Ash, and they played to sold out venues across the country. The tour featured a lengthy set by the band, with no support act. wishboneprog78New songs “You See Red” and “The Way of the World” came over well live, and we were treated to all the old favourites. “You See Red” was released as a single, with a live version of concert favourite “Bad Weather Blues” on the B side. The advert in Melody Maker read: “Over the last few years ‘Bad Weather Blues’ has been a highly popular feature of all Wishbone Ash gigs. Now for the first time, this song is available on record, as a 10 minute live version. ‘Bad Weather Blues’ was written by Andy Powell, originally recorded for the Locked In album in 1975, but although it never made that album, it went on to become a live favorite used as an encore number.”
Setlist (based on typical setlist for the 1978 tour): The King Will Come; Warrior; Errors of my Way; You See Red; FUBB; Front Page News; The Way of the World; Phoenix; Anger in Harmony; Time Was; Runaway; Lady Whiskey; Jailbait; Queen of Torture; Blowin’ Free; Bad Weather Blues.
After the 1978 tour Wishbone Ash took a year out, before returning with their next album and tour in 1980.
“Well, I’ve been away, I said I been away for so long
Tell me, have you, have you done me wrong?
Can I tell by the look that’s in your eyes?
Have you kept your loving locked away inside?
Can you shake the dust from off my shoes and
Take away these bad weather blues?”
(Wishbone Ash, Bad Weather Blues)

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