Uriah Heep Newcastle City Hall 30th Nov 1977

Uriah Heep Newcastle City Hall 30th Nov 1977
heelptixnov77Support from Fury.
Uriah Heep were on a roll, and released their next “Innocent Victim” shortly after “Firefly”. 1977 was a very successful year for the band. The single “Free Me” was a big international hit (making it to No. 1 in New Zealand), and in Germany “Innocent Victim” sold over a million copies and became Uriah Heep’s most successful, and the rereleased single “Lady in Black” was a big hit. Although “Lady in Black” originates from the early days of the band, having originally been released in 1971, it didn’t feature regularly in their live set until 1977. Written by Ken Hensley, and featuring him on vocals and acoustic guitar, it’s a classic Heep song, with its tale of the mysterious lady and of battles of old. heepprognov77
I saw Uriah Heep for the third time in November 1977 at Newcastle City Hall. Support came from rock band Fury. It was another great gig. Uriah Heep remained an excellent live act throughout this period, and would play many of their classic tracks.
A typical Uriah Heep concert in late 1977 would probably contain the following songs: Do You Know; Stealin’; Look At Yourself; Lady In Black; The Wizard; July Morning; Sympathy; Who Needs Me; Easy Livin’; Gypsy; Sweet Lorraine)
“She came to me one morning, one lonely Sunday morning,
Her long hair flowing in the mid-winter wind.
I know not how she found me, for in darkness I was walking,
And destruction lay around me from a fight I could not win.”
(Lady in Black, Ken Hensley, 1971)

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  1. Posted by Neil Thompson on December 8, 2014 at 11:44 pm

    I never knew Fury played at the City Hall. I saw them support fellolw label mates at the time (Arista) – Caravan at the Dunelm a month earlier on October 29th 1977. They were kids and they were great. I got their only release (a single) and the B side (Stay on your feet) is a classic. The guitarist must have only been in his late teens but he was a great Kossoff type player. I guess they were too late as a classic rock band a la Free with punk happenning at the time and they quickly went off the scene – it’s a shame that more peolple didn’t witness this brilliant, short lived, young band.


  2. Many thanks for sharing your memories Peter. That was an excellent write-up.

    Thanks also for confirming that Fury was the opening act. I will update the official gig list accordingly.

    The set list was “closer” to the following one (as it was the “Innocent Victim” tour):

    Free ‘n’ Easy / Sympathy / Stealin’ / Look At Yourself / Free Me / The Wizard / July Morning / Lady In Black / Cheat ‘n’ Lie / Who Needs Me / Easy Livin’ / Gypsy / Sweet Lorraine

    It is quite possible that they also played “Keep on Ridin” (one of the very few times the song was performed on stage).

    You can find a few photos from the gig here:


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