Tear for Fears Newcastle City Hall 5th December 1983

Tear for Fears Newcastle City Hall 5th December 1983
tearsforfeasrdec83tixTears for Fears were inescapable during the mid 1980s. Their music was played absolutely everywhere. The band spent most of 1983 out on tour around the world, promoting their debut album “The Hurting”. In November 1983, they released a new single, “The Way You Are”, and finished a successful year with another UK tour to promote it. This was their second UK tour of the year, and they returned to Newcastle City Hall to play another sold out concert. Support came from Bristol band The Escape. This was another great concert. Tears for Fears performed most of the tracks from The Hurting as well as the new single and a few new songs which would eventually end up on their second album, “Songs from the Big Chair”, in 1985.
tearsforfearsdec83progSetlist (something like): Start of the Breakdown; Mothers Talk; Pale Shelter; The Working Hour; The Prisoner; Ideas as Opiates; Mad World; We Are Broken; Head over Heels; Suffer the Children; The Hurting; Memories Fade; Change; The Way You Are; The Marauders
The single “The Way You Are” was written while on tour, as a sort of stop gap to keep the band in the public eye while they recorded their second album. It wasn’t a massive hit compared to their previous releases, reaching No. 24 in the UK singles chart. Both Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith later admitted that they didn’t rate the song, Roland stating it was “the point we realized we had to change direction”, while Curt said it was “the worst thing we’ve done”. And change direction they did indeed. The 1983 Tears for Fears sang very dark, depressive songs. A year or so later a new Tears for Fears would emerge with a clutch of joyous pop songs which would take them to massive international success. I saw them perform back at the City Hall in 1985, but that’s a story for tomorrow.

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