T Rex Sunderland Empire 15th Feb 1976

T Rex Sunderland Empire 15th Feb 1976
trexprogTwo years on and T Rex were touring again, this time to promote their new album “Futuristic Dragon”. The truth was that the T Rex star was waning, and they weren’t hitting the charts in the way that they used to. But in Marc’s head he was, of course, as big a star as ever, and if you read the programme you would believe that the band were as popular as ever: “Marc Bolan is back in Britain and set to lead T Rex on their first major UK tour since 1973….Today when Marc Bolan declares he is a ‘rock and roll phenomenon’ it is no wild exaggeration… he has become a legend to millions of fanatically enthusiastic young people. It was with T Rex that Marc brought back the screamage excitement which had not been seen since the halycon days of the Beatles….With a little help from his lady Gloria Jones (vocals and keyboards), Steve Curry (bass), Dave Lutton (drums), Tyrone Scott and Dino Dines (both on keyboards) the ‘little bopper’ is about to put the bounce back into rock. Look out!” Usual Bolan under-statement 🙂 trextix76
The tour called at Sunderland Empire on 15th Feb 1976, and support came from Lennie MacDonald. For the people of Sunderland that evening, it was T Rex mania all over again. The venue was packed and the crowd went crazy for Marc; we were back in 1972 again. A huge (futuristic) dragon stood at the back of the stage breathing flames towards us. The crush at the front resulted in some seats being smashed; and at one point during the acoustic set a guy jumped on stage to hug Marc. Unfortunately he grabbed Marc around his neck causing him to choke and he had to leave the stage for a little while. Luckily Marc was ok and T Rex returned to continue their set. The concert featured a selection of the hits and a few nods back to the early days. Life’s a Gas has always been one of my favourites. I can’t believe the ticket price was only £1.25 !
Setlist: 20th Century Boy; Jeepster; Solid Gold Easy Action; Children of the Revolution; Debora; Conesuala; One Inch Rock; Life’s a Gas; Dreamy Lady; London Boys; Teenage Dream; Hot Love
“As the years pass by” he said at one point “I’m still only 16, and so are you baby. You’re my stars….”

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  1. Posted by rayburn on February 21, 2016 at 4:20 pm

    Bolan did not return after getting treatment the concert ended early very disapointed


  2. Posted by Mike Thompson on March 5, 2021 at 5:03 pm

    I was at the Sunderland concert, my first ever “rock” concert, Bolan was, and still is my super hero, RIP Marc and Steve and thanx a million


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