T Rex Newcastle City Hall 21st January 1974

T Rex Newcastle City Hall 21st January 1974
TRextix741974 was a year of big change for Marc Bolan and T Rex. Marc announced that “glam was dead” and that “T-Rex no longer exists.” He released the album ‘Zinc Alloy and The Hidden Riders of Tomorrow – A Creamed Cage in August’ and declared that his new band was called ‘Zinc Alloy and The Hidden Riders of Tomorrow’, an idea clearly borrowed from Bowie and his Ziggy persona. The record company was having none of it, and insisted that the T Rex monicker was retained. In January T Rex began their first British tour in over a year. The short six date tour started at Newcastle City Hall, and featured a new nine piece line-up. The new band still included previous members Steve Currie on bass and Mickey Finn on bongos, and added wife-to-be Gloria Jones and Pat Hall on backing vocals, two sax players and two new drummers Davey Lutton and Paul Fenton, replacing Bill Legend. A new single ‘Whatever Happened to the Teenage Dream’ was released, but it’s chart success was moderate. The tour sold well, although demand was nowhere near the heights of the 1972 outings.
trexprog1Marc emerged onstage lying on a massive hydraulic star which raised him from the floor so that he was facing the audience. Behind him was “T Rex” in massive lit stars. Marc had gained weight, and had his hair cut short (apparently his ex-wife June Child had cut his hair just before they split). The new larger band gave the songs a fuller sound, and was beginning to resemble a soul review, but in doing so it lost some of the raw rock’n’roll edge of the previous T Rex. Although some screamers were in attendance, the crowd reaction was much more subdued, and there was none of the mad craziness of their 1972 shows at the City Hall. The T Rex star was definitely starting to fade. I don’t recall who the support act was; I have a feeling that there may not have been one (although the ticket says otherwise).
An enjoyable gig, but it didn’t reach the heights of the previous time I saw T Rex.

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  1. My first ever gig- aged 13! Remember going by myself from Durham. Took some photos which I’ll try and dig out.


  2. Posted by bill newton on April 26, 2015 at 11:57 am

    I was 12.Chilli Willi were the support act if I remember correctly. The gig probably changed my life…got my first guitar the following year and still play in a T Rex/Bowie covers band…


  3. Posted by Paul Temple on September 21, 2020 at 5:36 pm

    My first ever concert was the Jan 27th Truck Off gig at Free Trade Hall, Manchester. Brilliant and deafening!! Rows of seats crushed by rushing fans, definitely still T.Rextasy in early ’74. I was right at the front and vividly remember Marc giving me eye contact and a smile. Support band at FTH were also Chilli Willi. Two years later I was at Sunderland, I was at the front again and before the show the curtain was raised about six inches and all the kids were peering under the curtain and seeing nothing but feet. When a pair of white boots arrives we all knew that was MB and there was a more orderly rush to the front and seats were left intact! My last T.Rex gig was Newcastle ’77. Great memories.


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