Rush Newcastle Arena 5th October 2007

Rush Newcastle Arena 5th October 2007
Rush2007prog27 years since they last graced a Newcastle stage, Rush were back and playing at Newcastle Arena. I went along with Laura and a group of mates. Saw a lot of old familiar faces; everyone had turned out to see this band again. This was a very slick and professional show, as befits a band with such a long and strong pedigree. One thing that I hadn’t bargained for was just how many albums had been released since I last saw Rush in concert. My memories were of those late 70s gigs, and I knew all of the songs from those days, but had heard very little by Rush since then. Hence almost all of their set was completely new to me. I only recognised “Spirit of the Radio” and “Tom Sawyer”.  This was a long show, featuring two sets and drew from across their back catalogue (but not enough early songs from me. I didn’t think I’d ever see Rush, and that they wouldn’t play Xanadu; but there you go 🙂 ).  A lesson learned. It is worth investing the time to get to know a band’s material before going to see them in concert. None the less I enjoyed the concert. rushtix2007This was the last time that I saw Rush. They have been back to Newcastle since this gig, but it clashed with another concert for me (I think I was in Manchester seeing Rogers Waters perform The Wall). Rush are hinting at a world tour next year. It’s about time I saw them again. And if I do, this time I will listen to their material before I go to the gig.
Setlist: First Set. Limelight; Digital Man; Entre Nous; Mission; Freewill; The Main Monkey Business; The Larger Bowl; Secret Touch; Circumstances; Between the Wheels; Dreamline. Interval. Second Set. Far Cry; Workin’ Them Angels; Armor and Sword; Spindrift; The Way the Wind Blows; Subdivisions; Natural Science; Witch Hunt; Malignant Narcissism; Drum Solo; Hope; Distant Early Warning; The Spirit of Radio; Tom Sawyer. Encore: One Little Victory; A Passage to Bangkok; YYZ

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  1. Posted by dawn on March 30, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    Enjoyed reading about this band i liked their earlier stuff i have never been able to see them.


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