Robert Plant Newcastle City Hall 12th December 1990

Robert Plant Newcastle City Hall 12th December 1990
plantprogI next saw Robert Plant at Newcastle City Hall in December 1990. This tour was to promote his fifth solo album Manic Nirvana. By now Plant was back into a full-on heavy rock groove, and this album gained mixed reviews at the time; with some critics loving it because it seemed to take him back to his Zep rock roots, and others dissing it for the same reason. The tour programme followed a similar theme, with lots of pictures of Plant the rock god, and Plant the bluesman, and heavy trippy use of psychedelic eastern-influenced graphics and fonts. The programme contains the lyrics to the songs from the new album and an extract (not sure where it is taken from) which talks about bluesman Tommy Johnson, who sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads.
“He said the reason he knowed so much, said he sold hisself to the Devil..I asked him how. He said, ‘If you want to learn how to play anything you want to play and learn how to make songs yourself you take your guitar and you go to where a road crosses that way, where a crossroads is. Get there, be sure to get there just a little ‘fore twelve a clock that night so you’ll know you’ll be there. planttix90You have your guitar and be playing a piece sitting there by yourself. You have to go by yourself and be sitting there playing a piece. A big black man will walk up there and take your guitar, and he’ll tune it. And then he’ll play a piece and hand it back to you. That’s the way I learned how to play anything I want.”
Plant’s live performances continued to be impressive occasions and this show at the City Hall was no exception. Along with tracks from his solo albums, Robert also played Nobody’s Fault but Mine, Ramble On, Immigrant Song, and Living Loving Maid from Zeppelin days. Great stuff!
Setlist: Watching You; Nobody’s Fault but Mine; Billy’s Revenge; Tie Dye on the Highway; Anniversary; In the Mood; Liars Dance; Ramble On; Mirror in the Bathroom (The Beat cover 🙂 ); Nirvana; Immigrant Song; Hurting Kind (I’ve Got My Eyes on You); Ship of Fools; Living Loving Maid; Tall Cool One

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  1. Posted by dawn on February 15, 2014 at 12:10 am

    i do like some of the stuff robert plant has done since zeppelin mostly the eastern influence which also showed up in some zeppelin songs, still is a great front man i saw him in 1988 ncle city hall,1990 (think that was the year) at edinburgh playhouse supported by alannah miles, knebworth 1990, and the sage with band of joy 2010 i look forward to seeing him again:)


  2. Posted by Michael on November 18, 2016 at 12:16 am

    One thing I remember about this show was talking to Joey Belladonna from Anthrax. They were touring with Maiden and were playing Whitley Bay the next night. He, and maybe another band member, came to the City Hall to watch Plant play.


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