Motorhead 1981 & 1982 Newcastle City Hall and 1984 Newcastle Mayfair

Motorhead 1981 & 1982 Newcastle City Hall and 1984 Newcastle Mayfair
motorheaf81 Motorhead continued to be massively popular with rock fans throughout the early 80s, selling out multiple nights at concert halls up and down the country. I saw them live a couple of more times at the City Hall, in 1981 and 1982. Their next album “Iron Fist” was released in 1982 and they toured again to promote it. motorhead82 Their shows continued to be a feast of heavy, loud, fast, high energy rock’n’roll, with front man Lemmy always on good form. But things were soon to fall apart. Fast Eddie left the band in 1983, followed shortly by Phil Taylor. MotorheadIron+FistBy the time I saw Motorhead again at Newcastle Mayfair in 1984, the line-up featured Lemmy, Phil “Wizzö” Campbell and Würzel on guitars, and Pete Gill on drums. Campbell remains with the band to this day. motorhead84 The new line-up put on a good performance at the Mayfair and I enjoyed the gig. But things were not quite the same. It was 26 years until I saw Motorhead again, at the City Hall in 2010. I blogged about that gig at the time. t was great to see them again, and in many ways nothing had changed. Lemmy came on stage and told us: “We are Motorhead and we play Rock and Roll”. Lemmy: “Is it loud enough?” Crowd: “No!!!”. Lemmy: “Then we’ll turn it up. I don’t f***ing care if you go deaf. I’m f***ing deaf already”. Lemmy hasn’t been too well of late, and their 2013 tour has been postponed until 2014. Hope he’s soon better. It’s characters like him that brighten up rock’n’roll. That concludes my memories of Motorhead; tomorrow I’ll move on to other concert memories.

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  1. Posted by dawn on December 6, 2013 at 8:33 pm

    Saw motorhead at mayfair not sure which year i expect it was the 80s got dragged to the front by my friends not really my music and yes it was loud!


  2. Posted by Neil on April 24, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    Wurzel missed the Mayfair gig due to kidney stones, they played that gig with just Phil Campbell. Lemmy got narked by someone spitting at him too. Funny the things you remember


  3. Posted by Joe Tree on February 6, 2016 at 9:14 am

    I loved Motorhead – only got to see them twice once on the IOM during TT week in 84 and you can imagine how that went down to a hall full of bikers, so this review is a great reminder of the band at that time – second and last time was here in Adelaide in 2011 on the Everything Further Than Everything Else tour different line up but they rocked the Thebby Theatre like no band before of since


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