The Mo-dettes Dunelm Ballroom Durham University Students Union 25 October 1980

The Mo-dettes Dunelm Ballroom Durham University Students Union 25 October 1980. mo-dettesThe Mo-dettes were an all-female punk/new wave band. They were formed in 1979 by guitarist Kate Korris, who had been an original member of The Slits and was also briefly a member of The Raincoats. The other members of the band were Jane Crockford (bass), Ramona Carlier (vocals) and June Miles-Kingston (drums). The Mo-dettes were championed by John Peel and their best known song is “White Mice”, which was self-released as their first single in mid-1979 on Mode records, and spent five weeks at No 1 on the Indie chart. They were a fun live band, dressed in shiny 60s gear, all jerky guitar rhythms. The highlights of their set were “White Mice” and a reggae-tinged version of the Stones “Paint it Black”. I saw them live on at least a couple of occasions; once at this gig at Durham University and again at Darlington Arts Centre. I may also have seen them at Middlesbrough Rock Garden, but can’t be certain. The Mo-dettes only existed for a couple of years, and are largely forgotten now. If you are interested, there is a great video of them playing “White Mice” on YouTube.

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