Krokus Newcastle City Hall 1980 and 1981

Krokus Newcastle City Hall 1980 and 1981
krokusprog I saw Krokus al least three times in the early 80s; twice at Newcastle City Hall, and at the Reading festival in 1980. There many be other times that I don’t recall. Krokus were a hard rock/heavy metal band who hailed from Switzerland, and got caught up in the excitement around the resurgence of heavy rock and metal known as the NWOBHM. Their line-up (from the 1981 programme) was Marc Storace on vocals, Fernando Von Arb on lead guitar, Mandy Meyer on second guitar, Chris Von Rohr on bass, and Freddy Steady (great name :)) on drums. Support for the 1981 tour was NWOBHM band More, who were at the time fronted by vocalist Paul Mario Day. Paul had sung in an early incarnation of Iron Maiden, although he was soon to leave More, who then went through several line-up changes.krokux81 The 1980 Krokus tour was in support of their Metal Rendez Vous album, while the 1981 tour came at the time of their Hardware album. Typical set list from the day: Come On; No Way; Burning Bones; Rock City; Winning Man; Bedside Radio; Easy Rocker; Heatstrokes; Bye Bye Baby; Mad Racket. Encore: Mr. 69.
krokus80 The programme tells me:” Krokus – Harder than the Swiss Franc! More than 100,000 copies of Metal Rendezvous were sold as a result of the US tour- How many bands can say that on their first time out?” I recall that Krokus were a pretty loud and solid rock band, but I can’t say that I could hum any of their songs. I also remember that they wore lots of leather gear, but then which band didn’t at the time.
Well thats me finished with the letter K. Tomorrow I’ll make a start on covering bands and artists beginning with the letter L. I guess I’m around the half way mark of my task.

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