Jethro Tull York Barbican 2001

Jethro Tull York Barbican 2001
tulltix2001 My interest in Jethro Tull had been revived by the great show that I attended at Newcastle City Hall in 1999. I was therefore quite disappointed when their 2001 outing missed out Newcastle, so I persuaded Marie to come and see them with me in York, which was the nearest show on the tour. The concert was held at the York Barbican centre which was a sports complex and also used for concerts. This was the first time that I’d visited the Barbican. I did go with David to see Steve Winwood there a couple of years later. The Barbican has recently been refurbished, and it reopened a couple of years ago as an entertainment centre, which plays host to lots of concerts. I need to find a reason to visit again 🙂 tullprog2001 Tull were on grand form as usual, and I enjoyed the show, although there were quite a few songs which were unfamiliar to me. Looking at the setlist today, I understand why. At least four of the songs were Ian Anderson solo tracks (Ian had released three solo albums by 2001). Even Marie (sort of) enjoyed her Tull outing, although we had a (friendly) argument about Ian’s flute solos. When he started a solo he would press a foot pedal. Marie was convinced that the solo was on tape, and that Ian was switching the tape on with the pedal. I was equally convinced (and remain so to this day) that there was no such use of tapes at all, and that the pedal was merely an effects pedal. Setlist: Aqualung; My Sunday Feeling; Cross-Eyed Mary; Roots to Branches; Jack-in-the-Green; Thick as a Brick; Sweet Dream; Beside Myself; Hunt by Numbers; Bourée; The Water Carrier (Ian Anderson song); The Habanero Reel (Ian Anderson song); Set-Aside (Ian Anderson song); Pibroch (Cap in Hand) (Instrumental); A New Day Yesterday; In the Grip of Stronger Stuff (Ian Anderson song); Budapest; Mayhem Jig; Aqualung; Locomotive Breath; Living in the Past; Protect and Survive (Instrumental); Cheerio

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  1. Missed seeing them at the Ryman auditorium in Nashville a year or so ago, and still regretting it. I play the flute and I agree that the flute solos were not recorded – no need for such with a master like Ian. Effects pedals that are used with guitars can be adapted for use with the flute, and I’m sure Ian has come up with some effects to use in concert. 🙂


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