Joe Jackson 1979 and 1980

Joe Jackson 1979 and 1980
joejh79 Joe Jackson was a cool guy when he emerged as part of the punk and new wave scene in the late 1970s. He hit the charts with his debut album Look Sharp! and the singles Is She Really Going Out with Him? and Its Different For Girls. And he wore the coolest Denson shoes, which can be seen on the cover of the Look Sharp! album. In those days you could pick up Denson winklepicker sidelacers and Chelsea boots for a few quid in sale shops. I wish I’d stocked up on them! All my pairs wore out many years ago. joej80 I remember the City Hall show as a great gig, playing the singles and the tracks from the album. I first saw Joe Jackson as support for a band called the Pleasers at a gig at Newcastle Poly. The Pleasers were an interesting band who modelled themselves on the Beatles and Merseybeat and yet had their own style. A typical Joe Jackson setlist from 1979: One More Time; Pretty Girls; Look Sharp; Friday; Sunday Papers; Baby Stick Around; Is She Really Going Out With Him; Fools In Love; Life Is A Bowl Of Cherries; Kinda Kute; Happy Loving Couples; I’m The Man; Throw It Away; Got The Time; Pressure Drop; Come On.

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