Haircut 100 Newcastle University & Newcastle City Hall 1982

Haircut 100 Newcastle University & Newcastle City Hall 1982
haircut100aHaircut 100 burst onto the UK pop scene in 1981, fronted by Nick Heyward. By the time Marie and I saw them at Newcastle University Students Union they were already pretty successful, having hit the charts with “Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)” and the place was absolutely packed. Their music was straight pop, with a very clean cut image. Their next single “Love Plus One” was a massive hit, followed by two further top ten singles “Fantastic Day” and “Nobody’s Fool”. haircut100b Support at the Newcastle University concert were the Bluebells of “Young at Heart” fame. These concerts were at the time of Haircut 100’s debut album “Pelican West” which was also a big success. Three months after the first gig, Haircut 100 were big enough to headline at Newcastle City Hall, and I went along to see them again; with my friend Norm. Norm told me the other day that I won tickets in a competition, which I can’t recall, but could well be true. haircut100 The City Hall gig was packed with screaming girls; this band was very hot at the time. The music was a mix of pop, latin rhythms, some horns, and a little jazz. Very up, and quite summery, and very different from the punk and new wave that was going on around them. Nick Heyward left the band later in 1982, and the band split shortly after. Mick then went onto a sucessful solo career. There were programmes for each of these two gigs, but the only difference was the colour of the cover, and the dates listed inside! A live album from that period exists which shows the set list of consisting of tracks from the “Pelican West” album: Baked Beans; Boy Meets Girl (Favourite Shirts); Calling Captain Autumn; Milk Film; Show Girl; Lemon Firebrigade; Coming Home; Fantastic Day; Love’s Got Me In Triangles; Love Plus One; I Believe In Sunday; Kingsize (You’re My Little Steam Whistle); Hayley’s Heart. Encore: Boy Meets Girl (Favourite Shirt)

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  1. Any mention of Haircut 100 reminds me of when I saw them at University and got royally stitched up by the social sec!


  2. Posted by Allan Orrick on April 22, 2013 at 9:10 am

    You know it says on the University ticket “No Passouts”? Well i can remember going to see The Who in the Union Ballroom back in the very late 60’s. It was a cold night and it was snowing while they were on stage. I know this because I passed out in front of the stage, and had to be carried outside, and on awakening had “white hair” with the snow. The friend I was with wasn’t too chuffed that he was missing the band, so we returned. Thankfully they had stopped using the strobes by then!!!


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