Steve Harley Sunderland Empire 2001

Steve Harley Sunderland Empire 2001
stevesunderlandempire2001 This is my last day of blogging on Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel. The last time I saw Steve Harley was at a concert at Sunderland Empire. It was billed as the “Resistance is Useless” tour, and “Back with the Band” (to make it clear that this was not an unplugged show). The front cover of the programme promised a show that was “Definitely Plugged In”, with “No Support” and thus “Maximum Steve”; and indeed thus it was. Marie came along with me to the gig, having been impressed with Steve when we saw him play unplugged at Billingham a couple of years earlier, and he didn’t let her down. steveempire This was another great gig, with Steve on fine form, and all the classics played. I haven’t seen Steve Harley in concert since that concert; it does seem like 12 years ago. He has toured quite a lot during that period, so I don’t have any excuse. In fact I did have tickets to see him at the Sage a few years ago, but couldn’t make it for some reason and gave the tickets to a friends. So its definitely about time to put this right and see Steve again. It seems to me that I have a couple of opportunities to do so; a tour is planned for November 2013, and he is also planning a concert, backed by orchestra and choir, at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester in April 2014. The latter gig will feature the first two Cockney Rebel albums in full, repeating a similar gig that Steve performed in Birmingham last year. Now that’s a gig I should definitely attend.

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