Roy Harper 100 Club London 19 Jan 2007

Roy Harper 100 Club 19 Jan 2007
roytix100club I went with David to see Roy Harper at the legendary 100 Club on 19th January 2007. Roy played a run of shows at the London club, featuring one of his classic albums in its entirety each night. I think we got Stormcock that night, along with a selection of Roy favourites (I remember him playing White Man). This is the only time that I’ve been to the 100 Club, although I’ve walked past many times, wondering what it was like inside. The club is a great little venue for an intimate concert, and it was packed to the walls for Roy’s gig. photoroy3 You could hardly move, and getting a good view of the small stage wasn’t easy. Roy was his usual amicable self, with lots of chat with the crowd. Sadly a drunken guy was heckling him and threw his shirt at Roy, which hit him in the face. Roy carried on and handled it as well as anyone could. Roy seems to attract some crazy people as well as friends to his gigs. Roy did a signing session after the show, and I bought a copy of the Passions of Great Fortune lyric book, which he kindly signed for me. Then David and I walked back to our hotel somewhere along the Euston Road and we were up early in the morning to catch our train back up North and home.
This is the last of my posts on Roy. I’ve seen him a couple of times since this gig, including a show at the Sage, which I went to with Laura, where he supported Joanna Newsom, and his 70th birthday concert at the Roya Festival Hall a couple of years ago, which I went to with David. I have already blogged on those shows. I hope I get the chance to see Roy again one day. He is playing a couple of festivals this summer, but I’m not aiming to go to along. Maybe next year. Soon, as Roy wrote in my book (see scan :)).

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