Roy Harper Newcastle Tyne Theatre 2003

roytynetheatre I’ve spent the last ten years or so reconnecting with some of my favourites bands and artists. Roy Harper is one of those. I went along to this show at the Tyne Theatre with David, not having seen Roy live for around 15 years, and was really looking forward to seeing him again. I wasn’t disappointed. Roy was accompanied by Matt Churchill on guitar. A 95-minute audience recording exists from the Glasgow show of this tourwith Tom Tiddler’s Ground, First Thing In The Morning, Don’t You Grieve, Pinches Of Salt, Highway Blues, Another Day, When An Old Cricketer Leaves The Crease, Me And My Woman, North Country, One Man Rock And Roll Band and The Green Man. David enjoyed the gig and went along with a friend to see Roy at Leeds City Varieties a couple of weeks later.

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