Hawkwind Magna Centre Rotherham December 2006

Hawkwind Magna Centre Rotherham December 200
hawktixmagna This was a private fanclub session for recording of a DVD. I had Hawkwind passport and this enabled me to gain entry. along with my mate Norm. We were told that we had to dress as aliens, but we bottled it, and turned up in our normal gear. Most of the audience were, however, decked out as instructed, which made it an interesting evening. The place was absolutely freezing; you could see your breath in the air! It was a good event, and Hawkwind played well, although I was disappointed that they didn’t play Master of the Universe or Silver Machine. For me, a Hawkwind gig should always feature at least one of those classic songs. We’ll be back at Magna again to see Hawkwind at the Prog festival in April; hope its warmer! I’ve seen Hawkwind a couple of times since then, once at Newcastle Academy and once at their 40th anniversary show in London, but I have already blogged about those gigs, so this is the last of my Hawkwind postings for now. I’ve enjoyed reflecting on Hawkwind, and it has made me realise how important they are as a band. Setlist: Right Stuff; Psychedelic Warlords; Dogstar; Orgone Accumulator; You Know You’re Only Dreaming; Orgone Accumulator; Paradox; Robot; Out Here We Are; Greenback Massacre; Marine Snow; Lord Of Light; Images; Infinity; Hassan-i-Sahba; Space Is Their; Hassan-i-Sahba; Spirit Of The Age; Motorhead

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