Hawkwind Ridiculous Roadshow Newcastle City Hall 1973

Hawkwind Ridiculous Roadshow Newcastle City Hall 1973
hawktix73 Hawkwind wanted to draw a line under the hugely successful Space Ritual tour, and this new outing in late 1973 was named The Ridiculous Roadshow tour. The tour called at Newcastle City Hall on 11th December 1973 and I went along with a group of mates. The linne-up at this time was Dave Brock; Lemmy; Simon King; Del Dettmar and Nik Turner. I’m pretty sure that Stacia was still dancing with Hawkwind, and that there was a second dancer. The set was drawn from Space Ritual and from their first three albums: Hawkwind (1970), In Search of Space (1971) and Doremi Fasol Latido (1972). Hawkwind had some classic tracks, which looking back, were really quite groundbreaking and fore-runners of modern dance music. Songs such as Brainstorm, Time We Left This World Today, and Master of the Universe are just great and still stand up today. I bought a Hawkwind ‘best of’ CD at Sainbury’s and have it in the car, and when no-one else is there I can be found driving around with Master of the Universe playing at full volume. How times have changed. Back in the day, Hawkwind were the rebels, the outsiders, the hippies, the proto-punks, and very clearly anti-establishment. And now I buy their CD in Sainsbury’s. Not sure what that tells me! Setlist: Coming Of Hawkwind; Brainbox Pollution; Wizard Blew His Horn; Lord Of Light; Only Dreaming; Standing At The Edge; Brainstorm; Seven By Seven; It’s So Easy; You’d Better Believe It; D-Rider; Sonic Attack; Watcher; Warrior On The Edge Of Time; Master Of The Universe; Welcome To The Future; Silver Machine; Seeing It As You Really Are. And all for £1!

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