Genesis Newcastle City Hall 1977

Genesis Newcastle City Hall 1977
genesistix77 Genesis released Wind and Wuthering in late 1976 and took it on tour during 1977. Chester Thompson joined on drums for the 1977 tour which took in two nights at Newcastle City Hall. The set mixed songs from the new album, with some old classics including Supper’s Ready which was by now becoming a concert favourite, I Know What I Like, and The Musical Box as an encore. Sadly for me The Knife was no longer part of the set. I always saw The Knife as the perfect Genesis encore and gigs were never the same without it. The performance was great but not as monumental as the gig we had seen the previous year at Glasgow. genesisprog77 Perhaps that was as much about our anticipation for the Glasgow gig and the reception that the Apollo crowd gave the band, as it was about Genesis’ performance, which was as usual faultless. By now I had got used to Genesis without Peter Gabriel and had become comfortable with Phil Collins as the lead singer, but further change was on its way. Although we didn’t know it at the time; this was to the last tour with Steve Hackett, and it would soon be 1978 …And Then There Were Three….I will blog on that new line-up soon.
Setlist for the 1977 Wind and Wuthering Newcastle gig: Squonk; One for the Vine; Robbery, Assault and Battery; Your Own Special Way; Firth of Fifth; …In That Quiet Earth; Afterglow; I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe); Eleventh Earl of Mar; The Carpet Crawlers; All in a Mouse’s Night; Supper’s Ready; Dance on a Volcano; Los Endos. Encore: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway; The Musical Box.

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