Genesis Glasgow Apollo 1976

Genesis Glasgow Apollo 1976
The big shock came in 1975 when Peter Gabriel announced that he was leaving Genesis. Losing such a powerful and charismatic frontman seemed at the time to be a blow from which the band was unlikely to recover. And when it was announced the Phil Collins would take on the mantle of lead vocalist that also seemed, at least at first, quite bizarre to say the least. In fact, Phil had provided backing vocals for years, and more of their trademark vocals were down to him than you might at first think. So all of this change intrigued me, and when I started to read reviews of Genesis which suggested that the new line-up was good, I was determined to go and see them. I also bought the new album A Trick of the Tail, which was also surprisingly good. So when they announced a couple of shows at Glasgow Apollo we bought tickets and started to look forward to seeing Genesis again. The gig was originally set as I think three shows: one on the Thursday night and two on the Friday night; an early show at 6pm and another at 8pm. We bought tickets for the Friday early show, but when we arrived on the night we were told that the two shows had been combined into one, and we were too late to exchange our tickets! After a little arguing they managed to find us a few single seats up in the circle. Whew! The gig was amazing. Much much better than I could have expected or hoped. Trickofthetail The line up was: Mike Rutherford on bass, Phil Collins on vocals and drums, Tony Banks on keyboards, Steve Hackett on guitar, 12 and special guest Bill Bruford (ex Yes) on drums and percussion, and covering for Phil when he came to the front to sing. This was one of the best times I ever saw Genesis. It was as if they were born again with new energy; the songs from the new album A Trick of the Tail were great; and the Apollo crowd were willing them to play well. And play well they did. The set was a mix of old and new. From the Gabriel days we got Suppers Ready, The Carpet Crawlers, and Watcher of the Skies. And from the new album stand-outs were Dance on a Volcano (a great opener), Entangled and Squonk. We all left the Apollo that night with our faith in Genesis renewed. This was a truly amazing gig. On that night in Glasgow, in the grand old Apollo, Genesis were reborn with a new identity and power and for those of us in that old hall that night they were the best band in the world. Period. Setlist was something like: Dance on a Volcano; Lamb Casserole; The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway; Fly on a Windshield; Broadway Melody of 1974; The Carpet Crawlers; The Cinema Show; Robbery, Assault and Battery; White Mountain; Entangled; Squonk; Supper’s Ready. Encore: It; Watcher of the Skies. Encore 2: It’s Yourself; I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe); Los Endos

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