Gillan Newcastle Mayfair Wed 1 Oct 1980

Gillan Newcastle Mayfair Wed 1 Oct 1980
Support: White Spirit and Quartz
gillantixoct80 By late 1980 Gillan were pretty hot stuff live and a very popular rock act, having work hard over the last year with constant touring; a couple of great performances at Reading in 1979 and 1980, and the release of the Glory Road album. Glory Road came as a limited edition double LP, containing the free LP For Gillan Fans Only, and got to No 3 in the UK charts. This tour saw Gillan returning to the Mayfair ballroom. They were now at the peak of their success, to the extent that they played two nights at the venue. I went the first night; the place was packed to the walls and Gillan were just amazing. Of all the times I saw them this is the one that sticks out in mind as a great classic rock performance. The heaving Mayfair rock crowd gave them a great reception. I guess Gillan were one the favourite Mayfair bands at that time, along with AC/DC and possibly Motorhead. gillanprogoct80 Support came from local NWOBHM act White Spirit, who featured ace guitarist Janick Gers, and had their own strong local following. They were also growing a national following, and like Gillan, they also played at the Reading Festival that year. Janick was, of course, to go on to join Gillan and ultimately Iron Maiden, who he remains with to this day. The bill was completed by Quartz who had supported Sabbath and gigged a lot during the 70s, playing Reading in 1976, 1977 and 1980. Setlist: What’s the Matter; Bluesy Blue Sea; Black Night; (always my Purple favourite, and still gives me goose bumps when I hear it); Trouble; Born to Kill; M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction); Hadely Bop Bop; No Laughing in Heaven; Dead of Night; Bite the Bullet; Smoke on the Water; New Orleans; Helter Skelter (Yes; the Beatles song!)

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  1. Posted by dvcarrick on March 22, 2013 at 1:55 pm

    I was at this gig… my first venture to the legendary Newcastle Mayfair. I was quite nervous as most of the gigs at the Mayfair were over 18s only events so when I turned up at the Mayfair to see the huge queue, everyone looked liked they were in their 30s with their long hair and beards… well that’s what it looked like to me — I was only 15 at the time so everyone looked ancient.

    I’d been lucky enough to be go to Reading 80 and was blown away by Gillan that night… in his cutoff denim jacket with the yellow smiley badge 🙂
    White Spirit were good and we all know what happened to Janick Gers… they were that good I spent a few quid and bought their album.
    Quartz didn’t do it for me but filled in a bit of the gap between White Spirit and Gillan eventually hitting the stage at around 11pm… I was knackered by then after all it was a school night ! I recall they were running late as they were on Top Of The Pops that day… no private jets for Gillan !!

    The set list you have is from the 82 tour I believe – I think it would’ve been more like:
    Second Sight
    Unchain Your Brain
    Are You Sure
    Mr. Universe
    No Easy Way
    If You Believe Me
    On the Rocks
    Running, White Face, City Boy
    Smoke on the Water
    (stolen from another )

    Would’ve thought “Sleeping on the job” was played?
    Great performance, great songs, great audience = great memories.


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