Gallagher & Lyle Newcastle City Hall 1979

Gallagher & Lyle Newcastle City Hall 1979
Support from Judie Tzuke
gandltix79 The last time I saw Gallagher in Lyle in concert was in 1979 at Newcastle City Hall. This was the “Lonesome No More” tour, and the band were supported by Judie Tzuke. Lonesome No More was Gallagher and Lyle’s eight studio album, and was to be their last. Certainly for me there was much more of a buzz around the up and coming special guest star in the making Judie Tzuke than the headlining duo. In fact Gallagher and Lyle split shortly after this tour. Interestingly Judie’s band of the time consisted of Mike Paxman (now Status Quo producer), John (Rhino) Edward (current Status Quo bass player) and Jeff Rich (former Quo drummer). Some pretty heavy Quo connections there! gandlprog1 This was at the time of her debut album Welcome to the Cruise, which contained the hit single, Stay with me to Dawn. The hall was packed for her performance, which wasn’t often seen for a support act, as punters (including me) would usually frequent the bar until the main act took to the stage. Judie was just exquisite; Welcome to the Cruise contains some beautiful songs, and she was soon back at the City Hall as a headliner in her own right. Gallagher and Lyle went their own ways after this album and tour. They reformed last year for a few gigs in Scotland; if they play again this year I should try and get along to see them, particularly if they venture south of the border.

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