Gallagher & Lyle Newcastle City Hall 1976 and 1977

Gallagher & Lyle Newcastle City Hall 1976 and 1977
gandltix76 Does this one rate as a guilty pleasure? It certainly is closer to easy listening than heavy or classic rock. Gallagher & Lyle came out of the Scottish music scene with connections to Marmalade, and were members of McGuinness Flint, before going solo and having their own hits in the early 1970s. They also spent a short period as members of Ronnie Lane’s Slim Chance. They recorded a series of hits including I Wanna Stay With You, Heart On My Sleeve and Breakaway, and had some great songs, all of which featured in their concerts. I also recall them playing When I’m Dead and Gone. Gallagher and Lyle in concert guaranteed a night of good music. gandltix77 The tickets here are from gigs in 1976 and 1977 at Newcastle City Hall, and the programme is from the 1977 concert. The support act for the 1976 concert was Chris De Burgh. The programme tells me that the 1977 tour was in support of the Love on the Airwaves album, which was their sixth lp, and followed the massive success of the Breakaway album which stayed in the album chart for 35 weeks, and spawned three hit singles. Support for the 1977 gig was a band called Cado Bell, who hailed from Glasgow. gandlprog Looking at the programme, I see that the lead singer was Maggie Reilly, who went on to sing Moonlight Shadow with Mike Oldfield. I often learn something each time I reflect on one of these gigs from the past; I wasn’t aware that I had seen Maggie Reilly, although having said that I may have seen her with Mike Oldfield. As well as these gigs I saw Ronnie Lane’s Passing Show tour, and Gallagher and Lyle were members of the band at that time. I also saw them as support acts for other artists. I saw Gallagher and Lyle once more in concert in 1979, again at Newcastle City Hall. I’ll reflect on that gig tomorrow.

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  1. Posted by JEC on January 21, 2013 at 6:52 pm

    Well I saw them in 1977 and I think a couple of years later both at Newcastle City Hall. However although this was at the height of their sales I prefer the era back in 1974 with ‘The Last Cowboy’ tour with a full orchestra (that apparently nearly bankrupted them until Stay Young was covered by Don Williams) – I saw this one in B’Ham. Oh and yes I did see them at Largs and a year later in Glasgow when they reformed a couple of years ago – magic. Definitely a guilty pleasure!


  2. I’ve seen Gallagher and Lyle 4 times since they re-formed on a part-time basis in 2010 – in Largs, Glasgow, Faversham and Edinburgh, even though I live in Liverpool. They are world-class songwriters, and Benny can play so many instruments: guitar, piano, bass guitar, accordion, mandolin, ocarina and harmonica. On their ‘Homecoming Tour’ in 2012, he used the latter instrument on a holder in conjunction with his mandolin in the acoustic song ‘Willie’; I clasped my hands together with joy when he and Graham performed that number in Edinburgh.

    Don Williams’ version of ‘Stay Young’ came out in ’83, by which time Benny and Graham had parted ways; it was Art Garfunkel’s success with the title track of ‘Breakaway’ that solved their financial plight in ’75, the same year I discovered them on ITV’s ‘Look Alive’. I’d love them to come to Merseyside for a concert.


    • Posted by JC on January 31, 2013 at 8:25 pm

      Hmm perhaps you are right about ‘Breakaway’ but Benny Gallagher did say it was ‘Stay Young’ at the Glasgow gig – but what do I know!


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