Georgia Satellites Newcastle Mayfair 1990

Georgia Satellites Newcastle Mayfair 1990
georgiasats ROCK N ROLL!!!! The Georgia Satellites came as a breath of fresh air at the end of the 80s. They blended southern rock with old fashioned good-time rock n roll, and did it loud and fast with style. Their set was a mix of their own tunes, classic rock songs and some rock n roll standards. I remember this gig as loud, fast, and lots of fun. Their “hit” song was “Keep your hands to yourself” and they did a great version of “Hippy Hippy Shake”. I found a published setlist from 1989, which I would think gives an indication of what the band will have played at the Mayfair: I Dunno; Battleship Chains; Highway 61; Shake That Thing; Crazy; Don’t Pass Me By; The Myth Of Love; All Over But The Cryin’; Dan Takes Five; Another Chance; Bring Down The Hammer; Games People Play; Can’t Stand The Pain; Keep Your Hands To Yourself; Hippy Hippy Shake; Railroad Steel.

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