Rory Gallagher early 70s gigs

Rory Gallagher early 70s gigs
rory72 There are many advantages to blogging on the gigs I have attended, one of which is it forces me to reflect on artists who I haven’t seen in concert for many years. I was a big fan of the late great Rory Gallagher, and knew that I had seen him quite a few times in concert. However, looking through my tickets and the few Rory programmes I have (Rory wasn’t big on programmes), I now realise that I must have seen him around 20 times in concert. roryfeb73 This includes many gigs at Newcastle City Hall, which he visited many times during the 1970s in particular, and at some festivals (Lincoln, Reading and Newcastle Rock on the Tyne) and gigs at Newcastle Mayfair and Sunderland Empire. I’m going to spend this week reflecting on Rory and the many memories I have on him in concert. rorynov73 I first saw Rory in concert with Taste, a gig which I blogged on yesterday. I missed him the first couple of times that he played the North East as a solo act, the first time I remember being at the Mayfair with Joe Walsh and the James Gang in support. Some mates went and told me how great that gig was. I had a ticket to see him play Newcastle City Hall in late 1971 or early 1972, but passed and went to see The Groundhogs at Sunderland Bay Hotel instead that night, as most of my mates were going to the Groundhogs gig. rory75 The first time I caught Rory Gallagher solo in concert was in 1972 when he played Newcastle City Hall. By this time he had released a couple of albums and the set already featured classics such as Sinner Boy, Laundromat, and In Your Town. Rory was THE MAN for many of us. He seemed like us, a young guy with long hair, wearing jeans, and seemed so down to earth. His guitar playing was just incredible, and he played with such passion and energy. I’ll spend the next few days writing more on Rory.

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  1. Posted by Barbara Lewins on October 9, 2016 at 3:27 pm

    I had the pleasure of meeting Rory at the City Hall March 72 and supporting band Byzantium. I have all their autographs still to this day. What a fantastic night.


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