Bruce Springsteen The O2 Arena London 19th December 2007

Bruce Springsteen The O2 Arena London 19th December 2007
bruceo2tix My interest in Springsteen renewed, I decided to go and see this gig at London’s O2 Arena, which fell just before Christmas 2007. This was my 4th visit to the O2 in 2007, following on from concerts by the Stones, Streisand, and Zeppelin. I had a seated ticket right up the back of the arena, but managed to swap it for a standing ticket at the box office. This was the last date of the “Magic” tour and Bruce opened with “Radio Nowhere” which seemed to be played everywhere at the time.
“This is a really big building,” said Springsteen, continuing “That’s okay, coz we’re the big building killers.” He added, “Also known as dead ass killers, for those of you still in your seats!” This was another excellent show by Springsteen. I was pleased that he included “Because the Night”. During the encore, Bruce introduced Clarence as “the next King of England!”, Clarence soloed extensively, to big cheers from the crowd, on “Jungleland.” Given the time of year, we just knew what the last song was going to be. Bruce asked us all “Do you believe in Santa Claus?” followed by lots of Santa Claus hats being thrown onstage, which Bruce and the band picked up and wore. He finished: “Happy holidays from the E Street Band” and “We’ll see you in the summer!” bruce2007progSetlist: Radio Nowhere; No Surrender; Night; Lonesome Day; Gypsy Biker; Magic; Reason to Believe; Because the Night; She’s the One; Livin’ in the Future; The Promised Land; Waitin’ on a Sunny Day; Working on the Highway; Racing in the Street; Devil’s Arcade; The Rising; Last to Die; Long Walk Home; Badlands.
Encore: Girls in Their Summer Clothes; Jungleland; Born to Run; Dancing in the Dark; American Land; Santa Claus Is Coming to Town.
I’ve already blogged on the Bruce concerts I attended in Glasgow, Sunderland and Leeds. Time to move to another act tomorrow.

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